Fidel, a life, a work difficult to encapsulate

Photo: José Manuel Correa
Photo: José Manuel Correa




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The book entitled simply Fidel by writer and journalist Katiuska Blanco Castiñeira, was presented December 4 at the Fidel Castro Ruz Center, the first work published by Ediciones Alejandro and the printing house El Cubano Libre, both affiliated with the recently inaugurated institution.   
The biography is comprised of 500 pages, which, according to its author, "given its brevity, its limited glimpse, is almost a sacrilege, if its protagonist is Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, no matter how fervently one wishes to discern or decipher meanings, resonances, and cosmogonies of that life, at the same time many innumerable, unfathomable lives."
Blanco, who also heads the Center's Department of Biographical Studies, has dedicated her professional career to never-ending research of the Comandante en jefe’s work, publishing the books Después de lo increíble (1994) and Fidel Castro Ruz, guerrillero del tiempo, conversations with the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution (2012), among others.
In the current volume, the author seeks "to provide a didactic synthesis, a kind of full-body photograph that allows and encourages an integrated approach to a life and a thought that have been and will be subjected to deeper and more thorough analysis in the future," she said during the book launch.
The event was presided by Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee Secretariat member and head of its Ideological Department; the director of the Fidel Castro Ruz Center, René González Barrios, and its deputy director, Elier Ramírez Cañedo.