The Human Species’ Uncertain Fate





Much ignorance envelops not just this but all its infinite forms of experience.  Even the fingerprints of identical twins born from the same ovum show differences over the years.  So it is not in vain that the United States, the most powerful imperialist country ever to exist, deludes itself when it takes on as doctrine a paragraph from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.  They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”.
None of that can be ignored.  There are many more qualities in religious principles than those which are solely political in spite of the fact that they refer to the material and physical ideals of life.  Many of the most inspired artworks were also born from the hands of religious persons, a universal phenomenon.   
Nowadays men of science occupy a place of honor at research centers, laboratories and in factories producing medicines destined for human health, to overcome distances, concentrate energies, perfect investigation equipment so that it can function on earth and in space.  Somebody should be able to calmly explain why we can see a star from an observatory five thousand meters above sea-level, a star whose light has taken 12 billion light-years to get to us; in other words, travelling at 300,000 kilometers per second in order to reach earth.  What an unusual Gold Medal that would have been!  How can we explain that, particularly when we refer to the union of stars which according to eminent scientists gave rise to the Big Bang Theory?    
What would remain afterwards? Of course nobody can deny the statement by eminent scientists who, after dozens of years of rigorous studies, arrived at the conclusion that such phenomena are absolutely possible.  Another notably significant fact is that the possibility of these phenomena is absolutely real.
On this very point religions acquire their special value.  In the last thousands of years, maybe up to eight or ten thousand years, they have been able to confirm the existence of beliefs that were quite well drawn up with details of interest.  Beyond those limits, what we know is tinged with the flavor of ancient traditions forged by different groups of human beings.  I know quite a bit about Christ because of what I have read and been taught in schools run by the Jesuits or the De La Salle Brothers; I listened to them telling many stories about Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and The Flood and the manna which fell from heaven when there was a shortage of food because of drought or other causes.  Some other time I shall attempt to transmit further ideas about this unique problem.
Let us not forget that this Sunday there will be a candidates’ debate.  The first time this happened, two weeks ago, it caused an upheaval.   Mr. Trump, who we imagined was a qualified expert, was discredited, just as Barack for his policies.  Now they should be getting the Mud Medal.   
Fidel Castro Ruz
8 October 2016
10:26 p.m.