Our Right to be Marxist-Leninists



The 70th anniversary of the Soviet people’s victory in the Great Patriotic War will be commemorated the day after tomorrow, on the 9th of May. Given the time difference, as I write these lines, proud Russian Federation Army soldiers and officers are going to be parading in Moscow’s Red Square with their characteristically quick and martial steps.
Lenin was a brilliant revolutionary strategist who did not hesitate to take on the ideas of Marx and implement them in a huge and only partially industrialized country whose proletarian party became the most radical and courageous party worldwide in the light of the worst slaughter capitalism had inflicted upon the world. It was the first time tanks, automatic weapons, aviation and asphyxiating gases were used in war and even a famous cannon capable of launching a heavy projectile for a distance of over one hundred kilometers had a role in the bloody conflict.
This massacre led to the birth of the League of Nations, an institution that was meant to preserve the peace, but couldn’t even stop the accelerated advance of colonialism in Africa, a great part of Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean, Canada, and gross neocolonialism in Latin America.
Barely 20 years later, another horrible world war broke out in Europe, whose preamble was the Spanish Civil War initiated in 1936. After the crushing defeat of the Nazis, nations placed their hopes on the United Nations Organization which strived to create the cooperation that would do away with all aggressions and wars, where countries could preserve the peace, development, and peaceful cooperation among the world’s large and small, rich and poor States.
Millions of scientists could, among other tasks, increase the chances of survival for the human species, already menaced by food and water shortages for billions of people in a brief period of time.
The planet now has 7.3 million inhabitants. Back in 1800, there were only 978 million. The figure rose to 6.07 million in 2000 and by 2050, according to conservative estimates, there will be 10 billion.
Obviously, the fact that boats overloaded with emigrants, making use of all sorts of floating objects as means of transportation, are reaching Western Europe is scarcely mentioned. This is a flood of African emigrants from the continent that had been colonized by the Europeans for hundreds of years.
Some 23 years ago, during a United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development, I stated: “An important biological species is in danger of disappearing with the rapid and progressive destruction of its natural life-sustaining conditions: humankind.” However, at that time, I did not know how close we were.
As we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War’s victory, I would like to put on the record our profound admiration for the heroic Soviet people who provided an enormous service to humankind.
Today, the solid alliance between the peoples of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, the State with the world’s fastest economic growth, is possible. With their close cooperation, powerful armies and brave soldiers, both countries constitute a mighty shield for peace and world security, so that the life of our species may be preserved.
Mental and physical health as well as the spirit of solidarity must be the prevailing norms; otherwise, the destiny of humankind, as we know it, will be lost forever.  
The 27 million Soviet casualties during the Great Patriotic War gave their lives for the sake of humanity and for their right to think and to be socialists, Marxist-Leninists, communists, and to emerge from prehistoric times.




Fidel Castro Ruz
May 7th, 2015
10:14 p.m.