A US photographer along with Fidel Castro (+Photos)




Prensa Latina


My opinion about Fidel Castro of being 56 years old is the same: he was a 22nd-century man with incredible sensitivity and memory, Roberto Salas, protagonist of the so-called epic photography in Cuba, recalls on Wednesday.
'I met Fidel Castro in New York in 1955 when I was 14 years old, because journalist Vicente Cubillas interviewed him for Bohemia magazine and my father (Osvaldo Salas, renowned Cuban photographer) took him some pictures,' Salas exclusively told Prensa Latina.
According to historic investigations, Fidel and other members of the 26th of July Movement were in US to take a tour of several cities and meet with Cuban emigrants.
According to Salas, this link with the revolutionary group grows stronger over the years and in 1957, he took a picture that is currently considered the major image of the Movement outside Cuba.
The 1959 revolutionary triumph surprised the young photographer, and after that, he took his first trip to the island on January 2 of that same year.
Salas met again Fidel Castro and became one of the photographers who accompanied the leader of the Cuban Revolution during his visits to Venezuela, the United States, and some Latin American countries in 1959.
Sala's pictures for the Caribbean press caused him problems with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) because, in theory, he was a US photographer who was working for the Cuban government.
As a photographer of the main Cuban mass media of the time, he especially recalls when he took some pictures to Fidel Castro in La Gran Piedra, Santiago de Cuba, in 1963.
Salas recalls Fidel Castro as a man who cares about others with a great capacity to retain small details.