Artículos Sobre Fidel

Articles | 04/08/2020 |

I can assure you that on few occasions have I felt as sad as I did this Friday (July 31). Despite this, it is always a privilege to talk about Eusebio.
It is difficult, because of the variety of issues, richness, originality, daring, rigor and greatness of Eusebio is such that I cannot help but confess that these words are no more than a very limited approximation of one of the greatest Cubans of all time.

Articles | 13/08/2020 |

When the adversity gets worse, at a bad moment, when all our effort is not enough, and we must find another way; when a hopeful project is cut short, given the countless difficulties caused by the blockade, that anyone with any common sense can see, we ask ourselves: What would Fidel do? As if, in him, all answers can be found.

Articles | 13/08/2020 |

I am proud to be Cuban for many reasons. One of these is to have been a contemporary of Fidel, which has allowed me to understand the origin of all the slander that our adversaries attempt to use against the work to which he devoted his life, the Cuban Revolution.
The greater the brilliance of his actions for the good of all, deeper is the hate of our enemies, who hope to discredit the motivation behind his efforts.

Articles | 13/08/2020 |

Over the years, many have wondered about the source of the leader of the Cuban Revolution’s inexhaustible energy. How was this exceptional man able to function without rest, with his thoughts perennially directed toward the wellbeing of his people, toward the possibility of a better world with a place for everyone, with rights and opportunities for all?

Articles | 13/08/2020 |

On the 94 anniversary of his birth, Fidel’s contribution to science and life is as relevant today as ever, and will be into the future.

Articles | 24/07/2020 |

Here is the people of a thousand battles, the people of a blazing history, the tireless defender of justice and truth.
Here we are, not battered, not subjugated, not tired. Scars, yes, there will always be scars, because to conquer rights you must face the bullets, and your skin suffers, and even your soul, but if you survive, as we have done, there is no power on earth that can extinguish the inexhaustible brilliance of a...

Articles | 16/07/2020 |

Land of redemption, heroic mother, hardened by struggle and sleepless nights. Through your streets and mountains hope of victory reigned. Here freedom took a stand and left ignominy behind forever.