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Articles | 21/05/2020 |

The fact that Cuba's response to the COVID-19 has been far more effective than most countries in the region, including the United States and also several European nations, is a reality that is becoming evident.

Articles | 14/05/2020 |

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, during an online press conference, yesterday May 12, to discuss the April 30 terrorist attack on the Cuban embassy in the United States, stated: "Here is an attacker, an AK-47 rifle, 32 shell casings, 32 bullet holes and a statement - by the perpetrator - of his intention to attack and kill.”

Articles | 15/05/2020 |

This May 15 marks the 65th anniversary of Fidel and his fellow Moncada prisoners release from the Model Prison on Isle of Pines. Cubans had been awaiting the day since of the Amnesty Law was approved, an undeniable victory for the people, which, however, had a "hook" that suited the regime.

Articles | 11/05/2020 |

Russian-Cuban links have a long, fraternal history. Exchanges between our peoples dates back to the 18th century, when in 1782 the Russian doctor Fyodor Karzhavin arrived in Havana. After living in Cuba for two years, he came to agree with many of the principles that would later motivate Cubans to struggle for their independence from the Spanish colonial power.

Articles | 07/05/2020 |

Since January 1, 1959, countless terrorist actions have been planned, financed and executed against Cuba by U.S. special services and their mercenaries, who, on orders from the White House, have left a trail of horror and blood in their wake.

They have committed these attacks using a complete arsenal: armed infiltration, biological warfare, sabotage, planting of explosive devices, burning of schools and warehouses, kidnappings,...

Articles | 07/05/2020 |

The U.S. government's extremism toward Cuba is once again encouraging terrorism.
It could have been predicted; it has happened before: The U.S. government's extremism toward Cuba is once again encouraging terrorism.

Articles | 08/05/2020 |

"I have no doubt that this fire was coldly calculated sabotage; but once again, we stopped the macabre plans of imperialism. What monsters!".