Artículos Sobre Fidel

Articles | 06/12/2021 |

The streets of Santiago. Streets that the sun overheats and where so much generous blood has been shed. Streets that have seen everything human lived, fear and courage, the pierced body of Frank and the irrepressible Vilma.
Streets where the Revolution is also a spiritual condition, a joy with a name. Santiago that is Santiago, still Santiago, with Fidel in its streets.

Articles | 07/12/2021 |

The book entitled simply Fidel by writer and journalist Katiuska Blanco Castiñeira, was presented December 4 at the Fidel Castro Ruz Center, the first work published by Ediciones Alejandro and the printing house El Cubano Libre, both affiliated with the recently inaugurated institution.   

Articles | 06/12/2021 |

Thirty-two years have passed, but Cuba has not forgotten. On December 7, 1989, the remains of 2,289 combatants who gave their lives on internationalist missions in Africa were returned to the arms of the homeland, in an effort entitled Operation Tribute.
All the country’s cities received the remains of their prodigal sons, and honored to them in Pantheons of the Fallen established in all municipalities.

Articles | 10/08/2017 |

Doves are a symbol of candor, simplicity, peace. They have a great sense of direction, are one of the fastest flying birds, and have an acute sense of sight.
As Fidel spoke to the crowds gathered at the Columbia military base, today the Ciudad Libertad educational complex, in Marianao, on January 8, 1959, after his triumphant entry into Havana, white doves landed on his shoulders. He was the bearer of hope and they quickly...

Articles | 25/08/2021 |

For Fidel, a Revolution could not limit to the change of the material living conditions of the population. Even if there is an obvious improvement of the majority’s situation, it would never be complete or lasting if it is not a cultural revolution, too. It has to change both the surroundings and the people themselves. For that reason, he said that a Revolution was the child of culture and ideas when he visited the Central University of...

Articles | 13/08/2021 |

At 19 years of age, with his diploma in hand, Fidel appears in the Colegio de Belen yearbook, with a singular comment, one could say a premonition: "He has managed to win the admiration and affection of all. He will study law and we have no doubt that he will fill the book of his life with brilliant pages. Fidel has what it takes and he will be an artist."

Articles | 13/08/2021 |

Fidel is always present, with his example, with his ideas and actions, in the country’s every heartbeat. In times of adversity and of times of victory.
Now, on his 95th birthday, in a 2021 full of challenges, a pandemic and a criminal blockade, the Comandante en jefe returns "on battle footing," in this great struggle for life, guiding the generation of continuity, correcting the course of the work we are constructing.