Glory to the good!

Our delegation was received early this morning with the recognition and the honors it deserves. Esteban Lazo and Frederich Cepeda spoke.  There was Raúl, who had made them standard-bearers during the ceremony at the Palace of the Revolution.

They were given a copy of my reflection which had been printed today in Granma and inserted in CubaDebate.

I spoke about the technology and discipline introduced to baseball by Japan, about the efforts a nation with no less than 10.4 times Cuba’s population, where one also had to discount “the weak of conscience that let them be bribed by our enemies”. 

Of the 73 who flew to Mexico and San Diego, two poor devils did not return home. 

One was editing video material on baseball for Cuban National Television.  It was pitiful to hear his lament published in the cables.  He sighed that the only thing sad about it was that his dear mother and beloved girlfriend hadn’t traveled with him.  He had left the very first day that the delegation arrived in San Diego.

The other one was writing in Juventud Rebelde on the same subject.  This one had traveled several times but he was waiting for the Classic to carry out his felony.  He was constantly glued to the team.  He was positively ridiculous.  Two hours before they left for the airport to return home, he disappeared. 

What a couple of repulsive fakes they are, incubated by capitalist ideology!

Those cases are useful to put the spotlight on the merit of the athletes making up our honorable national team, prepared to give their lives for the Homeland.

Of course, guys like those cannot sow a single grain of conscience.  What a load of silliness they must have published about baseball; instead of guidance, they only confuse!

All of them are not like Bobby Salamanca or Eddy Martin, who offered such noble testimony about our great sports victories.

Glory to those who devote their lives to building the honor and love of the Homeland!
Glory to the good!

Fidel Castro Ruz
March 20, 2009 
4:23 p.m.