Articles | 28/02/2015 |

Ireceived them on Saturday, February 28, 73 days after they stepped foot on Cuban soil. Three of them had served 16 long years of their most fullness of youth breathing in the damp, foul smelling, repugnant air of the basements of a Yankee prison, after being convicted by venal judges. The other two, who also attempted to stop the empire’s criminal plans against their homeland, were also sentenced to various years of brutal imprisonment...

Articles | 17/10/2014 |

The medical staff that is ready to go to any region to save lives, even at the risk of losing their own, is the best example of solidarity that human beings can offer, particularly if they are not moved by any material interest.  Their closest relatives are also contributing to that mission a part of what they love and admire the most. A country seasoned by long years of struggle can fully understand what is being expressed here.

Articles | 13/10/2014 |

Yesterday morning, on Sunday October 12, the Sunday internet edition of The New York Times – a newspaper which under certain circumstances follows the political line most convenient to its country’s interests – published an article entitled “Obama should end the embargo on Cuba;” with opinions as to how, in its view, the country should proceed.

Articles | 07/10/2014 |

Throughout his evolution, Homo sapiens as the only thinking being among millions of living species never had any idea about nature and the reason for his existence.  Endowed with the ability to think, he was governed by harsh instincts.  He knew nothing about the rest of his marvelous planet.  We don’t even know at what moment he possesses that capability; in rare cases it is stated that it was a million years ago, or a...

Articles | 25/09/2014 |

On Tuesday, September 23, I listened to the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela speak at the UN General Assembly. He spoke for 12 minutes. It was impeccable.

Articles | 31/08/2014 |

World society knows no truce in recent years, particularly since the European Economic Community under the resolute and unyielding leadership of the United States thought that the time had come to settle the score with what remained of two great nations that, inspired by the ideas of Marx, had carried out the deed to put an end to the colonial and imperialist order imposed upon the world by Europe and the United States.

Articles | 20/08/2014 |

Yesterday I received a visit from the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who made a trip abroad related to the defense of his country’s important oil interests. During his stop in Cuba, he took the opportunity to make contact with me and greet me personally, as he had promised, on August 13 of this year, when I had the privilege of reaching 88 years of age. That day he presented me with some fruits, among them, some...