Castro Ruz, Fidel

Gives detail of counterrevolution

In a press conference in which he explained the details of the counterrevolutionary plot, Premier Fidel Castro said that he had not made a report on the matter sooner because he would have been forced to explain only part of it.

Television appearance on channel 2

Dr. Fidel Castro, Prime Minister of the Revolutionary Government and President of the Agrarian Reform Institute, appeared last night on a television broadcast, Channel 2 TV.  The panelists took this opportunity to ask him questions with regard to the Agrarian Reform and the various factions that have pronounced themselves in favor or against this strictly revolutionary measure, which has been well defined as the basic law of the Revolution.

Secretary of State

Fidel Castro in TV interview last night covered wide range of subjects. Interview noteworthy for frequency and vehemence of his attack on propertied minority who he charged are seeking to undermine revolution. Highlights of interview follow.

Echegoyen - Castro Interview

In our of the longest official interviews recorded in the history of the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry (47 minutes), Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro talked yesterday with the President of the National Government Council, Martin R. Echegoyen.  The meeting was proceeded by a certain confusion in the morning, when the original time of 6 P.M.

Four-hour TV appearance

Castro repeatedly claimed that revolution would bring improved conditions to all sectors of Cuban society.