Concepción Pérez, Elson

The optimism of a victor

I have attempted to find a formula that synthesizes Fidel Castro, who is now 92, and continues at our side, and whose imprint touches every aspect of life, every sector of society, friends and enemies, young and old, the healthy and the sick, heads of state and the homeless of the world.
His internationally recognized work includes the idea that a genetic study be done of several Latin American countries, which not only revealed how much inequality and abandon existed, but also that there were ways to cure the sick and to socially help the forgotten of the Earth.

In the country’s every heartbeat

Fidel is always present, with his example, with his ideas and actions, in the country’s every heartbeat. In times of adversity and of times of victory.
Now, on his 95th birthday, in a 2021 full of challenges, a pandemic and a criminal blockade, the Comandante en jefe returns "on battle footing," in this great struggle for life, guiding the generation of continuity, correcting the course of the work we are constructing.

Fidel: A necessary presence

This last year we have seen you riding, as an invincible warrior, into combat against an epidemic, the consequences of which you anticipated, with your vision of future, when you filled the island with doctors and research centers to confront - with science - the many diseases that would appear over time.
You knew that it would be poor countries that would be the most affected and made much-needed solidarity a fundamental banner of the Revolution, unfortunately little practiced where selfishness and greed prevail under the name of neo-liberalism.

Another project to strangle Cuba

Three U.S. Senators, obsessed with starving Cuba, have introduced a bill that seeks to punish countries that accept the island's medical collaboration.
All three, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rick Scott, have a long history of service to the most U.S. hostile policies toward Cuba, and not one of them is interested in how many people our doctors save or help.

Returning to Fidel as the Amazon burns

June 12, 1992, in Río de Janeiro, Brazil, Fidel Castro presented a brief but masterful speech during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Those present applauded, including a few heads of state who weren’t too happy with what he had to say, but recognized the validity of his words.