[…] “History points out and indicates that if all of us taking part in this struggle fulfill our duty, one day we shall come back to our homeland not only with the satisfaction of having cooperated to ensure Angola’s revolution and independence, but also to the independence of Namibia, the defeat of fascism, the disappearance of Apartheid. We would have contributed to the independence and safety and dignity of all the peoples of Africa”.
References to the original: At a meeting held with thousands of Cuban internationalist workers in Luanda, Angola, 9 September 1986
“What could never be imagined by those who commit big crimes against peoples in the middle of their euphoria over their impunity and ephemeral power, is that the truth, sooner or later, makes its way through.  So has it been for those who crucified Christ for conveying a message of love and solidarity to the poor and oppressed of Rome, two thousand years ago, and even for those who kept Nelson Mandela behind bars during 27 years for fighting the hideous Apartheid regime in the middle of the 20th century.” 
References to the original: Speech delivered at the inauguration of the Monument to the victims of Barbados, August 1st, 1998