“The National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists and the Saíz Brothers Association will keep in close contact with these young cultural workers through the booming movement, which will come into being as thousands of art instructors join every year.”.

References to the original: "Speech given at the graduation ceremony of the Schools for Art Instructors in "Ernesto Che Guevara" Square" , October 20, 2004

“In Cuba we offer everyone solid knowledge, an artistic education and the right to graduate from university without paying any tuition. More than 50 thousand children with learning disabilities receive special education. Computer science is extensively taught. Hundreds of thousands of well qualified people are employed in these tasks. But Cuba must be blockaded to free it from such a terrible tyranny.”

References to the original: El Candidato Republicano (Segunda Parte), 11 de febrero de 2008

“…the country will have much more but it will never be a consumer society.  It will be a society of knowledge, of culture, of the most extraordinary human development imaginable, development in art, culture, science [...] with a breadth of liberty that no one will be able to dismantle.  We know this already, we don’t need to proclaim it, but it is worth remembering.“

References to the original: Fidel’s message to the students, November 17, 2010
"In the mind of the Olympic founder, the idea of salaried sports or the buying and selling of athletes never occurred.  That was also the noble objective of the Cuban Revolution, involving the duty of promoting sports just as health, education, science, culture and the arts, always the undeniable principles of the Revolution".
References to the original: THE EXPLOITS IN GUADALAJARA, October 30, 2011