“There is no other force capable of mobilizing peoples like ideas.  By the time when the revolutionary ideas have materialized and it is no longer necessary to keep on fighting, when the aspirations of the Cuban people are satisfied, then these demonstrations will no longer be necessary […]”
References to the original: Speech delivered in the city of Santa Clara, June 21, 1959

“We will turn these military barracks into a school! So we will turn these military barracks into a school that will be attended by hundreds of children, because our true military barracks are in the people; our Revolution is defended by the people! And if we have to fight against a foreign enemy, the whole people will be ready to defend it!”

References to the original: Speech made at the ‘Agramonte Camp’ in Camaguey, October 21, 1959
“And the history of a country is written thus; giving its blood yesterday, giving its sweat today; and if it were necessary to give our blood again to defend the fruit of our sweat, we will give our blood!  We will give our blood! And we will forever give our sweat!”
References to the original: Speech given at the regional gathering held at Sagua la Grande, Las Villas, as the culmination of the commemorative events for the Tenth Anniversary of the April 9th Strike, April 9, 1968.
“One has to resolutely oppose the divisive policies of imperialism in the heart of the Non-Aligned Countries.  And it is necessary to seek formula, so that the benefits of this struggle may reach all under-developed countries.”
References to the original: Speech at the Algeria-Cuba Friendship gathering being held on the occasion of Houari Boumendienne’s visit to Cuba, April 15, 1974
“The importance of the Bay of Pigs does not lie in the size of the battle, or the number of combatants, or the heroic events which took place there; the enormous historical importance of the Bay of Pigs is not what happened but what didn’t happen thanks to the Bay of Pigs!”
References to the original: Speech given at the keynote ceremony for the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Victory held at the Karl Marx Theatre in Havana, April 19, 1986
“Trust in Cuba! Cuba is not just defending its own sovereignty over there in that trench: we understand that from that trench we are also defending the interests of other Latin American peoples.”
References to the original: Speech given at the ceremony bestowing the State of Sao Paulo Award on the ethnologist Orlando Villas Boas, at the Latin American Memorial in Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 17, 1990

“I say that this is not a unipolar world, because there is at least a piece of land --and it is not the only one—where the Yankees do not rule, where the Yankees will not rule. And if they were to try to one day, it would have to be on our ashes, on our bones, on our blood.”

References to the original: Address to participants in Latin American Trade Unions Meeting, November 9, 1991