"If it were not for the Cuban Adjustment Act, we would never have seen the emergence of this disturbing and criminal smuggling of human beings, which now uses techniques developed by drug traffickers, with speedboats equipped with three powerful outboard motors that no Coast Guard could intercept".

References to the original: Key remarks at the rally of youth and students marking the closing session of the 7th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women. Havana International Conference Center, March 8, 2000

"We have offered our sincere cooperation in the struggle against drug traffic, human traffic and any other form of international crime. It is simply due to political arrogance that such cooperation has been either refused or limited to a minimum".

References to the original: Speech at the Anti-Imperialist Tribunal "José Martí", November 27, 2001

Many forms of cooperation are possible between peoples with different political concepts. One proof of that is the war against drug trafficking, organized crime and the trafficking of human beings; this can be extended to many forms of cooperation in the fight against epidemics, natural catastrophes and other problems.

References to the original: THE ONLY AMERICAN EX-PRESIDENT I HAVE MET, May 7, 2009
The deadly trap of drug-trafficking has failed to catch Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador, revolutionary countries members of ALBA like Cuba which are aware of what they can and should do to bring healthcare, education and wellbeing to their peoples. They do not need foreign troops to combat drug-trafficking.
References to the original: A Nobel Prize for Evo