“The true law and order is that which is based on freedom, on respect for justice, and not on force”.

References to the original: Speech delivered by Fidel at “Céspedes” Park, Santiago de Cuba
“The problem is not just one of freedom; the problem is not just that everyone should have the freedom to speak, to write, to vote, to meet together, the problem is that they should also have the right to live.”
References to the original: Speech given at the College of Architects. February 16, 1959
“And not only shall we know how to stand up to any aggression; we shall know how to triumph over any aggression; and we shall have no choice  other than the one with which we started our revolutionary struggle: freedom  or death.  But now, freedom means something else:  freedom  means homeland.  And our choice shall be: Homeland or Death.”
References to the original: Speech delivered at the funeral for the victims of the “La Coubre” explosion, at the ‘Colón’ Cemetery, March 5, 1960
“[…] because when a people are constructing their future, when a people have come out of the past and broken their chains, a breech has been opened in the middle of a wall of interests, and that people will never resign themselves to give up the path they have taken, that people can never be defeated by anything or anyone!  […]”
References to the original: Speech at a gathering in Pinar del Río, May 20, 1960

"Without culture, freedom is not possible. The accuracy of this claim is what inspires our efforts today. And for us, culture is not limited to artistic pursuits, but rather, it encompasses a concept of comprehensive general culture that includes professional training and basic knowledge of a wide range of disciplines in the sciences, arts and humanities".

References to the original: Key address at the opening ceremony of the 18th Havana International Ballet Festival, October 19, 2002

“We know that nothing will crush the Revolution, but we also know that every new effort makes us stronger, makes our Revolution stronger, makes our Revolution safer and makes our Revolution freer; it also strengthens our people as the master of their destiny…!”

References to the original: Speech given at the beginning of the activities of the ‘Ernesto Che Guevara Brigada Invasora de Maquinarias’, October 30, 1967
“[…] what truly ennobles Céspedes is not only the decision he adopted, steadfast and resolute in rising up in arms, but the act with which he accompanied that decision,  that of granting freedom to his slaves at the same time as proclaiming his opinion about slavery, his readiness for  the abolition of slavery in our country, […]”
References to the original: Speech at the evening commemorating One Hundred Years of Struggle at La Demajagua on October 10, 1968. February 27