“The Revolution must aspire to have the friendship and congeniality of all the peoples of the world; the Revolution must aspire  to have trade relations with all the peoples of the world; the Revolution must aspire to all friendly relations with all the peoples of the world.”
References to the original: Speech at the event with bank employees.

“We shall strive against the adverse circumstances; we shall get over the present difficulties and proceed onward, and nothing will break the bonds of friendship and eternal gratitude linking us to the USSR.”

References to the original: Fidel Castro addresses a letter to Nikita Khrushchev, in response to the letter he sent on October 30, on the events related to the Missile Crisis, October 31, 1962
"Therefore we may say that the Vietnamese did not fight just for themselves: they fought for all the peoples of the world! They fought for the cause of freedom for humankind!  They fought for the cause of socialism and communism!  The men who died over there, also died for us.  And humanity will eternally thank Vietnam for those services!"
References to the original: Speech given at the event for Solidarity and Friendship with the Vietnamese People, March 26, 1974

"The most important thing about the Olympic movement is the conception of sport as a instrument for education, health and friendship among peoples; a real antidote for vices such as drugs, smoking, abusing alcoholic beverages and the acts of violence that so affect human society".

References to the original: THE EXPLOITS IN GUADALAJARA, October 30, 2011

I do not trust the US policy, nor have I ever exchanged a single word with them, something that in no way means a rejection to a peaceful settlement of conflicts or war dangers. Defending peace is a duty of all.  Any peaceful and negotiated solution to the problems between the United States and peoples, or any people of Latin America, which does not involve force or the use of force, should be addressed according to international standards and principles.  We will always advocate cooperation and friendship with all peoples of the world, among them, the peoples of our political adversaries.  That is what we are demanding for all.

References to the original: To my comrades of the University Students Federation, January 26, 2015