“And what do other countries, many other Third World countries, do with their natural resources?  They have handed them over to the imperialist monopolies.  …In the future, great poverty will await them in the midst of the expansive habits that capitalism, colonialism and imperialism have inculcated in a minority.”
References to the original: Speech delivered at the mass public farewell on the Africa Esplanade in Algiers, Algeria, May 16, 1972
“In these crucial years, the most powerful capitalist power having the most resources in all times has permitted itself the luxury of living like a parasite off the savings of the rest of the world which has not only seen itself forced to finance its fiscal and trade deficit as never before, but also an arms race without parallel in history.”
References to the original: Speech given at the Opening Session of the Sixth Ministerial Meeting of the G-77, April 20, 1987

"(...) asking for, and should definitely fight for, is for the inevitable globalization taking place today according to the laws of history to be the globalization of fraternity and cooperation among all peoples, of sustainable development and a fair distribution and rational use of the abundant material and spiritual riches that man can create with his hands and mind, as an indispensable premise for the inescapably common homeland of a humanity that can, and should, endure".

References to the original: Speech at the special meeting of heads of State and Government of Cariforum. Santo domingo, Dominican Republic, August 21, 1998

“Neo-liberal globalization is rapidly destroying nature, poisoning the air and the waters, killing the forests, causing soil desertification and erosion, depleting and wasting the natural resources, changing the climate”.

References to the original: ADDRESS BY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF FIDEL CASTRO TO THE 12th SUMMIT OF THE NON-ALIGNED MOVEMENT. Durban, South Africa. September 2, 1998
“We must see how world sports evolve; nobody knows yet how far we are going to go, in an irreversible way for now, with that sad transformation of amateur sports and the Olympics into a competition of professionals.”
References to the original: May 4, 1999 – Speech given at the reception for the Sports Delegation that had gone to Baltimore; on the University of Havana flight of stairs.
“The world moves forward and the World becomes globalized, we have already said that.  I hope that the day shall come when all of humanity will be one single family and all the wealth, all the sciences, all the Technologies and all the resources will be for the benefit of all…”
References to the original: Speech delivered at the ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the enactment of the First Law of Agrarian Reform in Havana, May 17, 1999

"I believe that, rather than weapons the peoples need ideas. They need a change from an inhumane, unsustainable global world that threatens life on the planet, to a just and humanitarian social order that offers humanity an opportunity to survive. The peoples need a world with a bit of drinking water and air to breathe where the necessary food is available and advanced technology can be used to produce housing, schools to educate the children, medicines to preserve human health and medical care indispensable to all, children, adolescents and the elderly".

References to the original: Speech given by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, upon receiving the José Bonifacio Medal, Grand Official grade, at the Rio de