“Now, we are living a completely new situation. In fact, we cannot really speak today of a United Nations system. We do not have a United Nations system. What we actually have is a system of domination over almost every country in the world by a small number of powerful nations, which under the aegis of the United States –the most powerful of all– decide upon everything on our planet”.

References to the original: Remarks at Round Table No. 3 of the Millenium Summit on "The Role of the United Nations in the 21st Century." New York, September 7, 2000

“(…) NAM has again become an effective force in the international arena. Today, NAM is more necessary than ever. If in the past, when there was a struggle between two superpowers, we fought to occupy a worthy place in the world, today we should fight off the risk of unipolar hegemonism and work for the only viable, endurable and acceptable way to survive, that is, for a multilateral world to prevail where peace, freedom, development and progress can be realized by all”.

References to the original: Remarks at the closing session of the XIII Conference of the Non-aligned Movement, February 25, 2003
“While violence and war spread and reign in the world, Cuba and its people will rise up as defenders and symbols of the most human and genuine principles that must and can reign on this Earth.”
References to the original: Speech made at the opening ceremony of the Second Olympics of Cuban Sports at the Ciudad Deportiva, April 18, 2004.
“ [...] The empire acquired a large part of the world’s wealth with paper, imposing their United States laws there, scorning the sovereignty of nations.”
References to the original: Cuba’s self-criticism, July 10, 2007

"The United States government is using unimaginable economic means to defend a right that violates the sovereignty of all the other countries: to keep on buying raw materials, energy, advanced technology industries, the most productive lands and the most modern buildings on the face of our planet with paper money".

References to the original: Deliberate lies, strange deaths and agression to the world economy, September 18, 2007

“Everywhere in the world, the people living on this planet are taking economic, environmental and war risks due to the United States policies but no other region of the world as threatened by such grave problems as that country’s neighbors, that is, the peoples of this continent south of that hegemonic power”.

References to the original: Reflections by Comrade Fidel : "Seven daggers at the heart of the Americas", August 5, 2009