“ The people were being kept ignorant, because it is only over ignorant people that the political cliques could keep themselves in power; only over ignorant people could bad governments keep themselves in power; only over ignorant peoples could a bloody tyranny set itself up.”
References to the original: Speech given at the mass meeting on Avenida de Michellson in Santiago de Cuba, March 11
“…Solidarity among individuals is inseparable from the solidarity among peoples, just as capitalist egoism is inseparable from individualism, nationalism, imperialist ambitions and the wars of aggression and depredation.”
References to the original: Speech delivered before a mass rally at the ‘Dynamo – Sporthalle’ in Berlin, the German Democratic Republic, June 19, 1972
“Imperialism is the one that needs weapons, since it is bereft of ideas.  In order to maintain this opprobrious system as well as all those situations that have been described here, it needs weapons; it has to maintain all those situations by resorting to the use of force.  But if there are ideas, if ideas in fact exist, we can defend those ideas; we can make those ideas to succeed.  Ideas do not require weapons as long as they are able to conquer the big masses.  Nobody should think that the contradiction between Socialism and Capitalism could be solved by force; one has to be mad to think that way.  And the imperialists are the ones who think that way.  That is why they keep their military basis everywhere in the World. They threaten the whole world; they intervene anywhere.”  
References to the original: Speech delivered at the closing ceremony of the Conference on the Foreign Debt of Latin America and the Caribbean, August 3, 1985
“In these crucial years, the most powerful capitalist power having the most resources in all times has permitted itself the luxury of living like a parasite off the savings of the rest of the world which has not only seen itself forced to finance its fiscal and trade deficit as never before, but also an arms race without parallel in history.”
References to the original: Speech given at the Opening Session of the Sixth Ministerial Meeting of the G-77, April 20, 1987

"What does the empire decide to do in order to compete with Cuba in our hemisphere? To deploy an enormous ship turned into a floating hospital that works ten days in each country. It can assist a number of people daily but it cannot solve a country's problems. It does not compensate for the brain-drain, and it cannot train the specialists who are needed so that real medical services may be offered on any day of the week and year. All of the world's aircraft carriers, which today are instruments of military intervention deployed across the world's oceans, working as hospitals, could not offer those services to the millions of people treated by Cuban doctors in remote corners of the planet, where women go into labor, children are born and there are sick people in urgent need of attention".

References to the original: Reflections The elephant and the ant, June 18, 2008

“The conditions exist for Obama to use his talents in a constructive policy that could put an end to the one that has failed for almost half a century. On the other hand, our country, which has resisted and is willing to resist whatever it takes, neither blames Obama for the atrocities of other U.S. administrations nor doubts his sincerity and his wishes to change the United States policy and image. We understand that he waged a very difficult battle to be elected, despite centuries-old prejudices”.

References to the original: Not a word about the blockade, April 13, 2009