“We cannot say that the pain is shared.  The pain multiplies.  Today millions of Cubans weep alongside the loved ones of the victims of that abominable crime. And when an energetic and virile people weep, injustice trembles!”
References to the original: Speech at the funeral for the victims of the Cubana plane destroyed in mid-air on October 6th, at Revolution Square.
"Our brothers and sisters who died in Barbados are no longer only our martyrs, they are also symbols in the struggle against terrorism. They rise today like giants in this historic battle for the eradication of terrorism from Earth..."
References to the original: Speech at the Open Forum of the Revolution in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Barbados Crime, at the Revolution Square.
"He left to us his unmistakable literary style. He was elegant, swift and true to every detail of whatever happened to cross his mind.  He was a predestinate, but he didn’t know it.  He still fights with us and for us."
References to the original: Che