“Such an extraordinarily beautiful revolution, like the social revolutions that brought the working class and peasants to power, and which began the road, the great and glorious road.  For that reason they will always be immortal, for that reason the youth must always look towards Marx, towards Engels, towards Lenin…” 
References to the original: Speech made at the Lomonosov University of Moscow where Fidel was awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa Title, May 21, 1963
“No one but he was able to interpret the depth and essence and all the value of the Marxist theory. No one but he was able to interpret that theory and see it through to the bitter end. No one but he was able to develop it and enrich it the way he did.”
References to the original: Speech delivered during the solemn evening for the centenary of Vladimir Ilich Lenin’s birth, April 22, 1970
"Socialism, internationalism, Marxism-Leninism tells us we must struggle together.  Therefore, I believe that unity, brotherhood, solidarity, collaboration between the peoples of Angola and Cuba are an example for the world."
References to the original: Speech given from the Balcony of the Government Palace in Luanda, upon Fidel arrival in Angola, March 23, 1977
“We have not relinquished a single banner of socialism, or a single ideal of socialism, or a single principle, desire, or the spirit of struggle and the culture brought to the world by Marxism and Leninism. We are not ashamed of referring to Marxism; nor are we ashamed of referring to Leninism.”
References to the original: Speech given at the Closing Ceremony for the 6th Congress of the FMC (Federation of Cuban Women), March 3, 1995
“The offensive of the masses and ideas unleashed in our country is something unprecedented. […] In no era, in no other location has such a battle been begun on the terrain of ideas and ethics between such a powerful country and the people of one small island found  just 90 miles away from its shores.”
References to the original: The Oath of Baraguá, March 15, 2000
"We will never renounce the principles we made ours in the struggle to bring all justice to our homeland by putting an end to the exploitation of man by man, inspired by the history of mankind and by the enlightened theoreticians and promoters of a socialist system of production and distribution of wealth, the only system capable of creating a truly fair and human society Marx, Engels, and later, Lenin."
References to the original: Speech given at the Public Forum of the Revolution at the Eduardo Saborit Stadium in the municipality of Playa, March 31, 2001
“I must admit that Marx was right when he sketched out the idea that only when a truly rational, just and equitable social regime exists on this earth, will humankind have left prehistory behind.”
References to the original: Speech delivered by Fidel on the occasion of the forty fifth anniversary of the Cuban Revolution at the “Karl Marx” Theater, January 3, 2004