“The presence of such a powerful empire --with military bases, nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers; modern warships and sophisticated fighter planes that can carry any type of weapons, deployed in every continent and ocean; with hundreds of thousands of troops and a government that claims absolute impunity for them-- is the most important headache for any government, be it a leftist, rightist or center government, an allied of the United States or not”.

References to the original: Reflections by Comrade Fidel: “Seven daggers at the heart of the Americas”, August 5, 2009

“The US tries to use its enormous media resources to maintain, dupe and confuse world public opinion”.

References to the original: Reflections by Comrade Fidel : "NATO, THE WORLD POLICE FORCE", November 21, 2010

"The world is facing so many political, military, energy, food and environmental problems that there is no country wanting the United States to return to extremist positions that would increase the risks of nuclear war."

References to the original: Reflections by Comrade Fidel: "OBAMA’S SPEECH IN ARIZONA"; January 13, 2011.

“The U.S. military budget exceeds that of all the other countries combined, its arms exports are double or triple if compared to those of the other states; their deployed nuclear arsenals number over 5,000 strategic weapons, it has more than 500 military bases overseas; its nuclear aircraft carriers and naval fleets dominate the seas of the planet. Is the American dream to be a model for the world? Who is the President of the United States trying to fool with that speech?”

References to the original: Reflexion: "THE STATE OF THE UNION", January 27, 2011.

"That brutal military alliance has become the most perfidious instrument of repression known in the history of humankind. NATO took on that global repressive role as soon as the USSR, which had served the United States as an excuse for its creation, ceased to exist".

References to the original: NATO’s Genocidal Role, October 23, 2011

“It is not simply that the cruise missiles are pointing to some military targets in Syria, but the fact that this courageous country, located at the centre of over one billion Muslims, whose fighting spirit is proverbial, has stated it would resist any attack against its country to the end”.

References to the original: Reflexión: “The tariffed truth”, August 27, 2013
Our world is experiencing in an extraordinary and unique moment, every day the number of people who are conscious of this is greater. Among such events, one of the most dramatic is the genocide being carried out in the Gaza Strip, where 1.8 million human beings live trapped between the desert, the sea and the military power of a Middle Eastern country, where the most powerful empire which has ever existed has created - over more than half a century, and at a cost, according to some estimates, of almost 100 billion dollars - a sophisticated and at the same time irresponsible, military nuclear power. Many people wonder: Who governs who, does the United States govern Israel, or Israel the United States?
References to the original: True friendship, August 20, 2014