“Imperialism is the one that needs weapons, since it is bereft of ideas.  In order to maintain this opprobrious system as well as all those situations that have been described here, it needs weapons; it has to maintain all those situations by resorting to the use of force.  But if there are ideas, if ideas in fact exist, we can defend those ideas; we can make those ideas to succeed.  Ideas do not require weapons as long as they are able to conquer the big masses.  Nobody should think that the contradiction between Socialism and Capitalism could be solved by force; one has to be mad to think that way.  And the imperialists are the ones who think that way.  That is why they keep their military basis everywhere in the World. They threaten the whole world; they intervene anywhere.”  
References to the original: Speech delivered at the closing ceremony of the Conference on the Foreign Debt of Latin America and the Caribbean, August 3, 1985
The globalized planet Earth changes and transforms our concepts.  Only one reality remains unchanged: the Empire’s network of air, sea, land and space military bases, increasingly more powerful and at the same time more vulnerable. That is the kind of democracy W preaches to APEC.  All bearing the US brand name and patent.
References to the original: Reflection by the Commander-in-Chief titled W and APEC, 7 September 2007