“[…] as peoples are liberating themselves from all those bonds, from the fear the oligarchies inspire with their terror and their crimes, when what happened here happens in the other sister countries of Latin America, we shall see what the imperialists can do.”   
References to the original: Speech delivered at the ceremony commemorating the Eighth Anniversary of the Battle of El Uvero, May 28, 1965
“We cannot say that the pain is shared.  The pain multiplies.  Today millions of Cubans weep alongside the loved ones of the victims of that abominable crime. And when an energetic and virile people weep, injustice trembles!”
References to the original: Speech at the funeral for the victims of the Cubana plane destroyed in mid-air on October 6th, at Revolution Square.

“The deliberate use of weapons to kill innocent people must be definitely condemned and eradicated for it is as unworthy and inhuman as it is repulsive, the same as the historic terrorism perpetrated by the oppressing states”.

References to the original: Speech by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, President of the Republic of Cuba. Ciego de Avila, September 29, 2001
“Why, in the name of freedom of information, do they not declassify a single document that will tell us how the CIA, almost half a century ago, exploded the steamship La Coubre [...]”
References to the original: WORLD TYRANNY The Basics of the Killing Machine, July 7, 2007
"It is a fact that the Cuban Revolution has not enjoyed a moment of peace.  The Agrarian Reform had barely been passed, before the five-month mark of the revolutionary triumph had been reached and the programs of sabotage, fires, obstruction and the use of harmful chemical measures were begun against our country.  These even came to include pests to attack vital productions and even human health."
References to the original: THE TIME HAS COME TO DO SOMETHING , January 19, 201.

"And so, in the farewell to the people who have died today, to those soldiers, to those workers, I don’t have any other idea of saying good-bye than the idea which symbolizes this fight and represents what our people are today. Rest in peace together, workers and soldiers together, together in their tombs as they fought together, as they died together and as we are willing to die together "

References to the original: Freedom Means Homeland