“Revolution has awoken the moral feeling of the people; Revolution has awoken human solidarity in men and women of our people; Revolution has abolished selfishness and has made of generosity the main virtue of every citizen; Revolution has gathered the best of the nation; Revolution purified and cleaned up; Revolution has redeemed”.

References to the original: Speech delivered during the political ceremony for the 9th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution held in Revolution Square. Ciudad de La Habana. January 2, 1961

“We shall strive against the adverse circumstances; we shall get over the present difficulties and proceed onward, and nothing will break the bonds of friendship and eternal gratitude linking us to the USSR.”

References to the original: Fidel Castro addresses a letter to Nikita Khrushchev, in response to the letter he sent on October 30, on the events related to the Missile Crisis, October 31, 1962

"Our country will pursue its internationalist policy without hesitation and in solidarity with the revolutionary movement worldwide (APPLAUSE); our country will deepen its revolutionary ideas and carry its banners as far as it is capable of taking them. Our country will also maintain its own hallmark which is the result of its experiences and its history; and in terms of ideology, we will maintain our own approach, with absolute independence, following on our own path set by our people based on our experiences and in accordance with our tasks."

“Let us say that, together with the desire to resolve the problems of our country, we also harbour the noble purpose of being modestly useful, in one way or another, to many people in the world who have problems that are very much like ours.  Look at geography and you will see where the hunger is in the world, where there is under-nourishment and where there is poverty! […]”. 
References to the original: Speech at the closing ceremony of the First Congress of the Animal Science Institute, May 13, 1969
We have a long road ahead of us, we have a great task for our peoples ahead of us, in our continents, in our duties to the other peoples, and we fulfill our duty of solidarity.
References to the original: Speech given by Commander Fidel Castro at the People’s Farewell Rally in the platform of Africa, May 16, 1972.
“One day, when the revolution is triumphant in all the rest of the countries of Latin America, we shall unite with the other peoples and we shall form a community of Latin American peoples.  We need the revolution for that; we need socialism for that.”
References to the original: Speech at a mass rally in Ploiesti, Rumania, May 27, 1972
“Viet Nam is a most cherished name too close to the hearts of all Cubans. To all of us Viet Nam has been an example to follow and an incentive in our struggle.  The Cuban people is very much aware of the extraordinary role played by the people of Viet Nam within the world’s revolutionary movement and in people’s liberation struggles.  Viet Nam has taught an unforgettable lesson to all the exploited and oppressed peoples.  No liberation movement, none of the peoples that have struggled for their independence have had to wage a struggle as prolonged and heroic as that waged by the people of Viet Nam.”
References to the original: September 12, 1973 – During a reception hosted by the Workers’ Party of Viet Nam and the government of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam on the occasion of Fidel’s visit to that country, he expressed: