“We must see how world sports evolve; nobody knows yet how far we are going to go, in an irreversible way for now, with that sad transformation of amateur sports and the Olympics into a competition of professionals.”
References to the original: May 4, 1999 – Speech given at the reception for the Sports Delegation that had gone to Baltimore; on the University of Havana flight of stairs.
“While it is tragic to turn health care into a form of merchandise, it is also tragic to turn something as noble as sports and physical exercise, something so closely related to human health and wellbeing, into some kind of merchandise.”
References to the original: Speech by the 40th anniversary of INDER and the opening of the International School of Physical Education and Sport, February 23, 2001

“(…) sport is well-being, quality of life, health, happiness and honour for the peoples, and it is perhaps the most efficient instrument to fight against criminal tendencies, drugs and many other vices that beset modern societies.”

References to the original: Words spoken at the Gala in Tribute to the Best Athletes of the Twentieth Century, March 2, 2001
“While violence and war spread and reign in the world, Cuba and its people will rise up as defenders and symbols of the most human and genuine principles that must and can reign on this Earth.”
References to the original: Speech made at the opening ceremony of the Second Olympics of Cuban Sports at the Ciudad Deportiva, April 18, 2004.
"Athletes are bought and sold as if they were some kind of merchandise.  Many of them are serious people who love the country where they were born, but they are not allowed to take their own decisions."
References to the original: THE MORAL IMPORTANCE OF THE BASEBALL CLASSICS, March 17, 2009
“Cuba has many talented athletes but it has not stolen them from anyone.  The people, what’s more, are the ones who enjoy their marvellous performances.  It is already a part of their culture, their well-being and their spiritual wealth.”
References to the original: Reflection by the Commander in Chief, “A Written Record”. August 7, 2007
"In the mind of the Olympic founder, the idea of salaried sports or the buying and selling of athletes never occurred.  That was also the noble objective of the Cuban Revolution, involving the duty of promoting sports just as health, education, science, culture and the arts, always the undeniable principles of the Revolution".
References to the original: THE EXPLOITS IN GUADALAJARA, October 30, 2011