“I have faith in this wonderful awakening of our continent. I have absolute faith in the future of this continent. I have faith and I can affirm right here that I am certain that the future of the Americas will be totally different from what it has been so far. Everything depends on our faith, everything depends on our own effort, and everything depends on us."
References to the original: Speech in New York Central Park, United States, April 24, 1959
“We are fighting in the defence of the sacred Homeland and the Revolution, against the mercenary attack organized by the imperialist government of the United States.”
References to the original: Communiqué No. 1 (about the attack on Cuba by the mercenaries organized by the U.S. government), Abril 17, 1961
“Many have been the attempts by the United States to destroy the Puerto Rican nationalism, to destroy the Puerto Rican culture, to destroy every single distinctive feature of the Puerto Rican people […]”
References to the original: Speech given at the ceremony to welcome the Cuban Sport Delegation which participated in the Tenth Central American and Caribbean Games, held at the ‘Latinoamericano’ Sports Stadium, June 29, 1996
“In these crucial years, the most powerful capitalist power having the most resources in all times has permitted itself the luxury of living like a parasite off the savings of the rest of the world which has not only seen itself forced to finance its fiscal and trade deficit as never before, but also an arms race without parallel in history.”
References to the original: Speech given at the Opening Session of the Sixth Ministerial Meeting of the G-77, April 20, 1987

“If there is something we are sure of, is that never again the predatory eagle symbolizing the empire will perch on these columns which were turned into a monument of what the empire was in our country and what will happen sooner or later, to its desire for enslaving the world.”

References to the original: Speech at the welcome act for the crew of the merchant ship “Hermann”, held at the monument to the “Maine”, in Havana, February 1, 1990

“We look at the entire planet, in hopes it will survive, that the men will find enough intelligence and energy to survive, that mankind will find
enough consciousness and spirit to fight, because only fighting anarchy, fighting the madness of the empire and the system it represents mankind will be able to survive.”

References to the original: Speech in the closure of the 4 th Latin American and the Caribbean Meeting, held in the Convention Palace, January 28 th , 1994
“As a matter of principle, we have never blamed the American people. The most that we can say, recalling Lincoln’s famous quote is that you can fool all the people some of the time, or some people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
References to the original: Speech given when receiving the “José Bonifacio” Medal, in the degree of Grand Official, at the State University of Río de Janeiro, Brazil, June 30, 1999