“Unequal exchange and the worst economic relations are imposed by the capitalist powers upon a large part of the peoples of the world.  These realities impose upon our revolutionary peoples the necessity and the duty to fight united in order to accelerate the end of such inhuman circumstances that typify what Karl Marx described as the pre-history of human society.”
References to the original: Speech given at the dinner given in his honour at the Palace of the People of Algiers, Algeria, May 9, 1972
“In these crucial years, the most powerful capitalist power having the most resources in all times has permitted itself the luxury of living like a parasite off the savings of the rest of the world which has not only seen itself forced to finance its fiscal and trade deficit as never before, but also an arms race without parallel in history.”
References to the original: Speech given at the Opening Session of the Sixth Ministerial Meeting of the G-77, April 20, 1987
“It is worthwhile indicating that the main responsibility for the brutal destruction of the environment lies with the consumer societies. They are the offspring of the old colonial metropolises and of imperialist policies that also begot the poverty and backwardness which are today the scourge of the overwhelming majority of humanity.”
References to the original: Speech delivered at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 12, 1992
“For super-developed societies, the problem is not growth but distribution, and not only distribution amongst themselves, but distribution among all of them.  The sustainable growth we are talking about is impossible without a more just distribution among all countries.”
References to the original: Speech given to the First World Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Developing Island States, Barbados, May 5, 1994

“Globalization has been held tight by the patterns of neoliberalism; thus, it is not development that goes global but poverty; it is not respect for the national sovereignty of our states but the violation of that respect; it is not solidarity amongst our peoples but ''sauve-qui-peut'' in the unequal competition prevailing in the marketplace.”

References to the original: Speech made at the Opening Session of the South Summit in Havana, April 12, 2000
“We are fighting for the most sacred rights of the poor countries; but we are also fighting for the salvation of a First World incapable of preserving the existence of the human species, of governing itself in the midst of contradictions and self-serving interests and much less of governing the world…”
References to the original: Speech made at the Closing Session of the South Summit at the Havana Convention Centre, April 14, 2000
“Let us, who have always been excluded, join efforts to establish a just, equitable and sustainable world order. Let us preserve the United Nations and make it serve the people. Let us defend peace. Let us struggle for our rights, conscious of the fact that nothing will be given us for free.”
References to the original: Message to the Second South Summit of the Group of 77 plus China held in Doha, Qatar, June 15, 2005