“The anachronistic privilege of veto and the abusive use of the Security Council by the powerful are enthroning a new colonialism within the United Nations itself..”
References to the original: Speech made at the UN General Assembly Special Session commemorating the 50th anniversary of the organization, New York, USA.

“Now, we are living a completely new situation. In fact, we cannot really speak today of a United Nations system. We do not have a United Nations system. What we actually have is a system of domination over almost every country in the world by a small number of powerful nations, which under the aegis of the United States –the most powerful of all– decide upon everything on our planet”.

References to the original: Remarks at Round Table No. 3 of the Millenium Summit on "The Role of the United Nations in the 21st Century." New York, September 7, 2000

“A world legal order should be established against genocide and war crimes, with rigorous and precise rules, along with a fully independent body of justice under the supervision of the United Nations General Assembly, and never under the Security Council, as long as veto power remains in effect granting exceptional privileges to just five countries, including the hegemonic superpower, which has used this power more than the rest of the permanent members of the Council combined”.

References to the original: I believe in the extraterritoriality of the honor and dignity of man, April 28, 2001

“Put and end to the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people that is taking place while the world stares in amazement. May the basic right to life of that people, children and youth, be protected. May their right to peace and independence be respected; then, there will be nothing to fear from UN documents”.

References to the original: Key address at the World Conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. Durban, South Africa. September 1, 2001

“It would suffice to return to the United Nations Organization the prerogatives that it has been deprived of and let the General Assembly, its most universal and representative body, be the center of that fight for peace --regardless of its limitations due to the arbitrary veto right of the Security Council standing members, most of them also a part of NATO-- and for the eradication of terrorism with total and unanimous support from the world opinion”.

References to the original:
“Let us, who have always been excluded, join efforts to establish a just, equitable and sustainable world order. Let us preserve the United Nations and make it serve the people. Let us defend peace. Let us struggle for our rights, conscious of the fact that nothing will be given us for free.”
References to the original: Message to the Second South Summit of the Group of 77 plus China held in Doha, Qatar, June 15, 2005
"The United Nations can not exist without the presence of the peoples that have been calling for an end to the blockade.  What would be the use of that body, which was founded at a time when an overwhelming majority of countries were not even independent, without our presence?  What rights do we have if we can not even call for an end to the blockade imposed against a small country?  One way or another they have subordinated us to the interests of the United States and NATO, a belligerent military organization that wastes more than one trillion dollars every year in wars and weapons, an amount of money that would be more than enough to satisfy the basic needs of all peoples of the world."
References to the original: AN UPRISING AT THE UNITED NATIONS PART II (FINAL), November 1st, 2010.