“It is important that, as from today, that the people know and understand that the Revolution could not be a task of one, two, or three days, that the evils that affect us could not be eradicated overnight, and that it would be necessary to work very hard.  Just as the war was not won in a single day, […], the Revolution would also have to be made step by step, little by little, and without any other maxim but that of the final victory.”
References to the original: Speech delivered by Fidel from the balcony of the building owned by the association “El Progreso” in Sancti Spiritus, in the province of Las Villas. January 6, 1959
“One has to resolutely oppose the divisive policies of imperialism in the heart of the Non-Aligned Countries.  And it is necessary to seek formula, so that the benefits of this struggle may reach all under-developed countries.”
References to the original: Speech at the Algeria-Cuba Friendship gathering being held on the occasion of Houari Boumendienne’s visit to Cuba, April 15, 1974
“A year ago already, as expression of our sovereign political will, we decided to constitute the Association of Caribbean States.  We have before us a great challenge.  It is a matter of forging a mutual destiny for nations that are remarkably dissimilar in terms of size, population and development […] The region understands, ultimately, that the future path for our peoples lies in unity.”
References to the original: Fidel Castro attends the Summit Meeting of the Heads of Governments of the Member States of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), Trade, Tourism and Transport, being held in Trinidad and Tobago, August 17, 1995
“We are not mere spectators.  This world also belongs to us.  Nobody can replace our united action, nobody will speak for us.  We alone, and only united, can we reject the unjust world political and economic order that they would like to impose on our peoples.”
References to the original: Speech at the Eleventh Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Cartagena De Indias, Colombia.
“Unity is the only true strength the Caribbean can count on.  Only by being united can we defend ourselves at the regional level and extend that unity to Central America, South America, Africa and to the peoples of other continents. […]

The future depends on our own efforts.”
References to the original: President Fidel Castro states in his speech at the CARIFORUM Summit, August 21, 1998

"Unity is the only real force available to the Caribbean region. Only if united we will be able to defend ourselves as a region and expand that unity to Central America, South America, Africa and the peoples of other continents".

References to the original: Speech at the special meeting of heads of State and Government of Cariforum. Santo domingo, Dominican Republic, August 21, 1998

"(...) we must unite, not only here in the Caribbean and Central America but also with South America. They need it as much as we (...)"