“Our Revolution has four things and they precisely constitute reasons to be admired by the Cubans: this is, in the first place, a revolution that has people; it is a revolution where the government of the republic can say that it has an army; it is a revolution that makes laws that are truly revolutionary.”
References to the original: Speech given at a rally held on his return from abroad, at the Civic Square, May 8, 1959
“There is no other force capable of mobilizing peoples like ideas.  By the time when the revolutionary ideas have materialized and it is no longer necessary to keep on fighting, when the aspirations of the Cuban people are satisfied, then these demonstrations will no longer be necessary […]”
References to the original: Speech delivered in the city of Santa Clara, June 21, 1959

“I reaffirm my conviction that Cuba will march forward, that Cuba has a great destiny and a great people deserving the glory they are earning with their heroism in time of war, their virtue in time of peace and the courage they will show again a thousand times if again a thousand times it were necessary to take up arms”.

References to the original: Remarks made at the Garzon Avenue in Santiago de Cuba. November 30, 1959.

“They can make our people disappear from the face of the earth, but they can never defeat it; because our people with their reason, with their heroism, with their dignity, with their shame and their greatness of spirit is an invincible people, and it is a people that must be respected.”

References to the original: Speech at the ceremony handing over the fifth police station to the Ministry of Education to be converted into the Educational Centre.January 11, 1960.
“If gold were able to do more than ideals, our homeland would be lost, because gold is what our enemies have a lot of, to buy conscience.  But nevertheless, all our enemies’ gold is not enough to buy the conscience of a revolutionary!”
References to the original: Speech delivered at the closing ceremony of the construction workers’ congress at the Blanquita Theatre, May 29, 1960
“Those virtues with which our people can resolutely face up any situation, that patriotic feeling, that civic awareness, that political maturity, that revolutionary intelligence which opens up the minds of  all of our citizens to the great truths and unites the people, is the path we will never steer away from.”
References to the original: Speech given during the lunch hosted by the members of the Students Directorate of 1930 at Río Cristal, June 23, 1960
“…work, organize and put into action the spirit of creation, the enthusiasm of Cuban women, so that Cuban women, in this stage of the revolutions, will see to the disappearance of the last shred of discrimination;  and so that Cuban women, because of their virtues and merits, will take the place corresponding them in the country’s history.”
References to the original: The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) is constituted, thus taking a new step in the direction of unity of all the people around the revolutionary directorship, August 23, 1960