“And remember this, remember what history teaches: that there is no halfway in these revolutionary processes, which either attain full victory or stand to be defeated; history teaches that the way is from extreme revolution to extreme reaction. And, of course, you can be sure that we will not be counted among those defeated.”

References to the original: Speech made at the closing session of the 10th Congress of the Central Trade Union of Cuba (CTC), November 21, 2009

“I reaffirm my conviction that Cuba will march forward, that Cuba has a great destiny and a great people deserving the glory they are earning with their heroism in time of war, their virtue in time of peace and the courage they will show again a thousand times if again a thousand times it were necessary to take up arms”.

References to the original: Remarks made at the Garzon Avenue in Santiago de Cuba. November 30, 1959.
“[…] because when a people are constructing their future, when a people have come out of the past and broken their chains, a breech has been opened in the middle of a wall of interests, and that people will never resign themselves to give up the path they have taken, that people can never be defeated by anything or anyone!  […]”
References to the original: Speech at a gathering in Pinar del Río, May 20, 1960
“When the socialist bloc collapsed and fell apart, we were able to stay steady and carry on; we raised our flags, we didn’t put them away, we didn’t give them up, and we are prepared to go on fighting until victory is reached.”
References to the original: Speech given at the meeting for the provincial candidates, deputies and delegates of the Peoples’ Power in the City of Havana. February 6, 1993
“Thank you for coming as a reinforcement in this difficult struggle that we are waging today to save the ideas you fought for so much, to save the Revolution, the homeland and the achievements of socialism, which is the materialization of some of your biggest dreams. We count on you to carry out this enormous feat, to destroy the imperialist plots against Cuba, to resist the blockade and to attain victory. "
References to the original: At the main ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the death in combat of the Heroic Guerrilla Fighter and his comrades held during the burial of their remains in the mausoleum of the city of Santa Clara, October 17, 1997

"Fate would have it that Venezuela should be the country to fight the most for the independence of this hemisphere. It began here and you had a legendary precursor like Miranda, who even lead a French army in campaign waging famous battles which, at a point in time, during the French Revolution, prevented an invasion of French territory".

References to the original: Master lecture delivered at the main lecture hall in the Central University of Venezuela, 3 February, 1999

“Once and for all, they crushed the absurd idea that the suffering endured, and the blood and tears spilled throughout almost a hundred years of struggle for independence and justice against Spanish colonialism and its slavery-based model of exploitation, and later against imperialist domination and the corrupt and bloody governments imposed on Cuba by the United States, were to serve for the rebuilding of a neocolonialist, capitalist and bourgeois society.We did it at the exact and precise moment in history, not a minute before and not a minute later, and we were daring enough to attempt it”.

References to the original: