"Condoleezza Rice herself would have to answer some questions: How many Americans have been killed by bombs sent by Cuba?  Has even one single brick ever been broken because of an explosive device coming from our country?  Why are we being included in the grotesque list of terrorist countries, the same one on which Venezuela’s inclusion is being arbitrarily threatened? Who used terrorism against our homeland to blow up planes in mid-air, commit acts of sabotage, and launch mercenary invasions and threats of bombings and wars, economic blockade and actions that have cost thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars?  Who is going to believe you or Bush?  Why are you insisting on provoking fratricidal wars between the peoples of Latin America? In Iraq, more than a million people have died.  How many deaths does the United States of America offer Latin America, a region with over 500 million inhabitants, to defend its democracy and its empire?".