Letters and Messages

Letter from Commander in Chief Fidel Castro to the Round Table (2007)

Havana, December 12th, 2007
Dear Randy,
            I was very moved by the extraordinary documentary of Argentinean filmmaker Carolina Silvestre, which dissects the lies about democracy and human rights advanced by developed and globalized capitalism.
            For days, following the Venezuelan referendum of December 2, going over the hundreds of pronouncements that I have made as part of my revolutionary efforts, I had been trying to bring to mind a statement that concretely defines our position on Cuba's international commitments.
            I asked for copies of several materials in which I tackled the issue. Fortunately, one of the most precise statements I made on a Round Table program. It was relatively recent, slightly less than seven years ago.
            We are involved in an electoral process. I consider ideas to be the basis of my political life. I would use the closing remarks of this material, whose text I am sending you, as the title: “History will decide who is right".
            I ask that you broadcast it, if possible, on Thursday, tomorrow.
            My remarks were inspired by the statement made by then Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien at the 3rd Summit of the Americas.
            At the time, they may have seemed of little significance.

Fidel Castro Ruz
December 13, 2007

Fraternal greetings to all Round Table participants. Thanking you in advance for your prompt response,
Fidel Castro.