Letters and Messages


I couldn’t overlook the tenth anniversary of the creation of Telesur without conveying this message to you.

Telesur was created on an initiative embraced by the unforgettable Hugo Chávez, who was aware of its importance to promote the Latin American integration and offer an objective and truthful information to cope with the monopoly exerted by the transnationals of news and the challenges ahead.

Chávez, who was deeply Bolivarian, wanted the broadcasts to begin on July 24, a historical date that marked the birth of the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

In its process of learning and acquiring new experiences, Telesur’s immediacy, objectivity and veracity has been present in every single transcendental political, economic and social event.  The channel has likewise opened a space for the men, women and children from different social, ethnic and religious groups; the aboriginal populations, the black, the dispossessed and the most humble with their natural dignity and intelligence and their moving and many a time heartbreaking stories.

I must confess I am an assiduous viewer of the channel, through which I am able to satisfy much of my information needs.  Our people, with eagerness and preference, watch the TV signal live.

Telesur is a trench of ideas.  The dreams and the seed planted by Chávez will continue to germinate under the commitment that led to its foundation as a bridge in the process of integration of Latin America and the promotion of the necessary unity of our peoples. With its message and peculiar way of telling stories, Telesur reaches out to the most remote places in the world.   

I congratulate all the collaborators of Telesur for the efforts and the results achieved in such a short time; and I also congratulate you, in particular, for your brilliant conduction.  

Fidel Castro Ruz
July 22, 2015
6:32 p.m.