May 16th 1955

  • In the early morning of that Monday the motorboat El Pinero arrives at the port of Batabanó, where the villagers assemble to see Fidel and the moncadistas, before they take the train to continue their journey to Havana.
  • At 7:45 in the morning, the train with Fidel and his comrades arrives in Havana Train Station. They are received by an excited crowd which includes fighters who took part in the July 26, 1953 events, relatives of those killed in action, leaders of the University Students Federation, the Orthodox Party, the Civic Front of Martian Women and other revolutionary fighters. The magazine Bohemia reviewed the moment in its column “In Cuba": "Fidel was taken out through a window and walked on the crowds shoulders." A group of mothers of Moncada martyrs displayed a Cuban flag and sang the national anthem. The hundreds present joined them.... "
  • He moves to an apartment on 23rd and 18th, in El Vedado neighborhood, which his sisters had arranged for him. There he answers the questions of the press. Among other things, he points out that: "In the ranks of the Cuban independence party, not everyone had developed the same degree of revolutionary consciousness, but from the union of all, our emancipation arose. The current moment also demands unity, but under a single purpose. "
  • An interview with journalist Guido García Inclán in the "El periódico del aire" (The newspaper of the air) of the C.O.C.O. radio station.
  • La Calle newspaper publishes the "Manifesto to the People of Cuba by Fidel Castro and combatants"
  • He gives an interview with Agustín Alles Soberón, which was later published in Bohemia Magazine on May 22nd that year, with the title: "From Moncada to Prison to Freedom: "I am a combatant without hatred or resentment." Fidel Castro."