Castro's return from Caracas, spoke to crowd


Fidel Castro met by large jubilant crowds upon return May 8. Spoke to estimated 5 or 600,000 people for nearly four hours at Plaza Civica. Obviously tired. Principal points were:

(1) Left country to defend and explain revolution abroad. Had great success speaking to 6,000 newsmen, 100 million people. Emphasized contact with people and never mentioned foreign governments.

(2) Cuban revolution unique and pure, is great event of hemisphere. Watched closely by other countries, most of whom have grave problems. Cuban revolution must not fail since would set back cause freedom and economic development throughout hemisphere.

(3) Cuban revolution: Four things which make it unique: People, army, doctrine and truly revolutionary laws.

(4) Criticism of revolution, including concern over communism comes from enemies abroad. Cuban Government is most hones, liberal and democratic in world and will not suppress any ideas nor any expression of opinion. No one should fear the revolution, which inspired by highest motivations. No one has right to interfere in Cuba, to give counsel, to examine conscience of revolution.

(5) Revolution neither capitalist, Communist nor center, but rather step in advances of all. Said current would conflict was between concept which offered people democracy and starved them to death, and concept which offered food but suppressed liberties. Cuban solution was to promote all rights of mankind, including "social rights". Only ideas which satisfy both material and spiritual needs of mankind will prosper.

(6) Revolution and leaders not divided on any ideological grounds. Rather all leaders closely united and loyal. Revolution had one supreme leader, whose authority never questioned.

(7) Revolution supported by vast majority people, including peasants, workers, intellectuals, professional civil servants, youth, middle class and nationalistic industrialists.

(8) Two principal questions abroad were executions and elections. He had satisfactorily explained both and obtained approval of foreign public opinion. Execution would taper off. Whenever elections were held another revolutionary government would take power. No dates mentioned.

(9) Destructive phase of revolution ending, constructive phase beginning. All Cubans must now work and he must be left alone to concentrate on problems.

Comment: General attitude of enormous crowds best described as nearly hysterical adualtion of "greatest man of hemisphere" and personal leader of country and embodiment of revolution. This is one man rule with full approval of "masses".


Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba