Secretary of State


Fidel Castro in TV interview last night covered wide range of subjects. Interview noteworthy for frequency and vehemence of his attack on propertied minority who he charged are seeking to undermine revolution. Highlights of interview follow.

1.  Big Colonos, Hacendados and Ganaderos are behind movement to discredit Agrarian Reform program and sabotage revolution.  They are using small and middle size members their associations who stand to benefit from Agrarian Reform in this campaign.  These groups new realizing how they are being used.  He called big interests unconscionable exploiters.  Batistianos and counterrevolutionaries, hinting they were also aiding and abetting counter-revolutionary groups abroad.

2.  Government will not be intimidated but will press forward with its revolutionary program.  Demonstrations against Agrarian Reform will be met by counter-demonstrations.  Slowdowns in agricultural production by "magnates" will be watched and appropriate steps taken to counteract their failure to cooperate.  These people must be made to understand they cannot impede progress of country.

3.  He is fully aware of plotting which is going on abroad by Batista elements assisted particularly by Dominicans.  There is no danger of invasion.  Wishes those people would come back because they could be wiped out.  In event any counter-revolutionary attempted from within or abroad he prepared reinstitute military tribunals and send culprits before firing squad.

4.  He painted rosy picture of what Agrarian Reform will mean in terms of agricultural production, diversification, stimulation of industry, raising of standard of living.  Same amount of cane produced now will be grown on half the land currently employed with other half free for use in other crops.  He said genuine patriots should want land to come into Cuban hands and not remain in those of big foreign interests.

5.  It has not been decided whether land courts contemplated by Agrarian Reform law will be under jurisdiction INRA or judicial system.  Intention is to create courts which will settle and questions quickly with simply and rapid procedure.  We do not want litigations going on for years as in past.

6.  Cuban revolution has caused tremendous impact on conscience of people of America.  Dictatorships fear US.  Nicaragua is fighting.  Only Paraguay and Santo Domingo remain.  We know Dominicans are working against us. Before such aggressions against our diplomatic representatives in DR and Haiti Cuban people maintain exemplary serenity and unity.

7.  It is understandable that Trujillo tolerates presence Cuban war criminals his country but not so US.  US public opinion repudiates presence these persons.  US authorities following mistaken policy in allowing them remain.

8.  Cable to Secretary Agriculture Benson has not been answered, but it serves to silence argument our sugar production may fall off.  In past sugar quota has always been fixed unilaterally by US Congress with no intervention on part of Cuba.  In any commercial agreement with US sugar quota should figure because it is fundamental interest our economy.

9.  We shall go to elections as soon as there is national demand for them. Elections should not be invoked by those who seek to brake progress of revolution.  At the conclusion of Agrarian Reform there will be time for elections.

10.  Establishment of arms industry in Cuba not contemplated.


Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba