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The knock-out took place in the capital of the Dominican Republic. We followed every second of the match on Telesur. Nearly all of the Latin American presidents from the Rio Group were there. Ecuadorian President Correa had announced it the day...


“Taking advantage of the negotiations to free the Bay of Pigs’ prisoners, the CIA tried to use a key person in the talks, American lawyer James B. Donovan, to deliver a lethal gift to Fidel Castro: a wetsuit contaminated with a fungus...

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said that honoring the legacy of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti is to defend Latin America's independence and sovereignty.


The president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, affirmed on Friday that the special education in the Caribbean island is one more proof of the humanistic vocation of the work of the Revolution.

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Foremost, so that we are not thought of as carried away by emotion, so that it can be clearly seen that there is a people capable of standing with our head held high, with courage, a nation that knows to calmly analyze situations without...


Individuals may indulge in a certain kind of privilege, and this is what we were talking about as I presented this award to our dear brother Hugo Chavez.  We were happy in that moment, thinking about the effort that was made on behalf of...