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  • Fidel inspects the mechanical and foundry workshops of the military industry department, at the former Armoury of the tyranny’s Army.


  • He is visited by the journalist Herbert Matthews and his wife.
  • Upon instructions from the State Department, the Hotel Shelburn management asks the Cuban delegation to leave the premises.
  •  Fidel and his entourage set up camp on the grounds of UN Headquarters  
  •  Prominent Afro-American leaders approach the UN to invite Fidel to the Theresa Hotel in the humble neighbourhood of Harlem in New York City.   
  •  He takes up residence in the Theresa Hotel and receives the Afro-American leader Malcolm X who comes there to express his solidarity.


  • Receiving, at the Presidential Place, a delegation of graduates from the Medical School in Quito, Ecuador, who were on a visit to Cuba.  
  • Participating in the ceremony to award winners of the Contest for Popular Songs inspired by the Revolution, held in the García Lorca Theatre.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam informed that President Nguyen Xuan Phuc will visit Cuba from September 18 to 20, and immediately local media dedicated headlines to the imminent event.


Decree-Law 35 regulates telecommunications in Cuba, prohibits the dissemination of false news, incitement to violence and instigation to hatred, but does not prevent freedom of expression on the Internet, a specialist emphasized today.

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