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Around 35,000 Cuban health specialists provide free or paid-for services in the world.  Furthermore, some young doctors from countries such as Haiti and others among the poorest of the Third World are working in their homelands thanks to the...


Now as to your slogan, which, in my view has very special value —“Learn from past wars to build a future of peace”—, and will always have meaning, at this moment it is more relevant than ever. I would dare say, without...

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Namibia and Kenya demanded on Wednesday in the high-level UN General Assembly debate to put an end to the US blockade that has being kept against Cuba for over 60 years.


Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel rejected on Wednesday the new US sanctions against the country as part of its blockade policy, tightened by the Trump administration.

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It is a miracle that I have lived this many years (APPLAUSE AND SHOUTS), and not because we spent a number of years fighting against the tyranny in our country, or for having participated in some war actions but rather because of everything that...


These remarks had to be written in a rush, as sometimes happens when things occur quickly and unexpectedly. I’ll explain the reasons for this.

Yesterday, a press conference, the kind typically held in the US State Department, was...