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  • Participation in various events organized to commemorate Granma yatch landing in 1956. In one of his speeches he said: “By this time, on 1st December, we were approaching the Cuban coasts to start a war we did not know how long it would last, on a mountain range where we had never been, but strongly determined to win or die.”  
  • A visit to houses built by the National Housing Institute (INAV, Spanish acronym) and a trip around “Manzana de Gómez” (Gómez Block) in Havana.
  • Opening ceremony, presided over by Fidel, of the Third Cattle Raising, Agricultural and Trade Fair in Santiago de Cuba, where he delivered a speech.


  • Attends the funeral for Commander Dr. Manual Fajardo Rivero (Piti) in Manzanillo.


  • Appearing on national TV to inaugurate the 9th cycle of the Popular University program, where he makes reference to the United Party of the Socialist Revolution and its Marxist basis and ideology.

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Following Obama’s speech, on May 23 this year, to the Cuban American National Foundation established by Ronald Reagan, I wrote a reflection entitled “The Empire’s Hypocritical Policy”. It was dated on the 25th of the same...


At the present, Haiti’s situation is very serious, and the emergency aid required is far too little. Our hectic world invests one million 500 thousand million dollars every year on weapons and wars; Haiti, a country that less than a year...

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Friendship between Vietnam and Cuba is an example in international relations and a shared treasure of both Communist Parties, States and Peoples, said today the Vietnamese leader Truong Thi Mai.


Labor lawmaker Kate Osborne on Saturday became the fifth member of the UK Parliament to formally nominate Cuban medical brigade Henry Reeve for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

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La contrarrevolución tiene, en primer término, a los centros de enseñanza, sobre todo, a los altos centros de enseñanza, y, en general, a todos los centros de enseñanza. Y va a esos centros a reclutar sus...


It was through the American TV networks and press agencies that we first learned that 30 Cubans, 13 of them children, had perished in a human traffic operation on a fast boat registered in the United States, coming from that country and funded by...