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  • The first hearing of the trial against the Moncada attackers is held with the presence of over one hundred soldiers with machine guns and bayonets. Fidel assumes his self-representation and is interrogated for two hours. Lina Ruz attends the hearing and gets to hug her sons.


  • Attends the UN General Assembly session.
  • Receives constant ovations by the crowd and that evening waves from a window at the Theresa Hotel in Harlem to the thousands of people who applaud him.

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It is our duty to demand the truth. The populations of all countries have the right to know the factors causing climate change and the current scientific possibilities to reverse the tendency, if indeed we still really have any.


The theory postulates that the only way to prevent the use of nuclear weapons is by eliminating them. Living in a privileged place on the planet, which allows them to enjoy the highest standards of living and the world’s riches despite the...

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Cuba participates today with a high-level delegation, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Jorge Luis Perdomo, in the commemorative activities for the 40th anniversary of Saint Kitts and Nevis.


Talks between the Syrian Finance Minister Kinan Yaghi and the Cuban authorities focused on ways to promote cooperation in all fields.

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Although it is said I make long speeches, there is no reason for you to worry. I shall do my best to be brief and state what we see as our duty to say here. I shall also speak slowly to help the interpreters.


In the last few days we have seen the hasty establishment of the basis, the concept, the true purposes, the spirit and the conditions for such a war. No one would be able to affirm that it was not something thought out well in advance, something...