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  • At the José Martí Airport, he receives Raúl Roa, Minister of State and the Cuban Delegate to the OAS recently appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • During the night, he steps down from his position as Prime Minister, citing the attitude of President Manuel Urrutia in setting up obstacles to the passing of the laws and measures of the revolutionary government.

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I mentioned something and included a quotation on this topic for an example I used in my last reflection, titled "Bush, Health and Education", which I dedicated to children. In this reflection, aimed at the first class to graduate from...


What they want to demand from the Honduran people in the name of peace is to deny all the principles for which all the nations of this hemisphere have fought.  

 “Respect for the rights of others means peace”,...

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The 28th contingent of the Juan Rius Rivera solidarity Brigade hailing from Puerto Rico is starting Monday its official activities in Cuba


Cuba''s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez stressed that the hardening of the criminal US economic, financial and commercial blockade on the island ''will neither break us, stop us nor choke us.''

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It was the moment for the super powerful nation to examine its conscience, and not to stir up, multiply and capitalize on the ridiculous hatreds accumulated over decades. It should have kept calm, and the rest of the world should have been brave...


To save Elián’s life, Juan Miguel was prepared to give up his own, and to risk the lives of his wife and other son. Yet, he was never willing to betray his Homeland to buy the return of the son he loved so deeply. His conduct has...