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  • He delivers a speech at the graduation of 200 graduates from rural areas in artificial insemination techniques, at the El Chico Farm in Havana.

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Can the capitalist society avoid it? News about this issue are far from encouraging.  The project to be submitted for approva December next year in Copenhagen, where the new Convention that will replace Kyoto’s will be discussed and...


I am really sorry I have to disprove him.  Today, he is nothing but a good-natured looking man, fully devoted to a historical legacy, as if the history of the empire---and what is even much more important, the fate of humankind---were...

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla says  US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a liar.


Words of acknowledgment and recognition are celebrating this Tuesday the work and contribution in Cuba of medical doctors on the occasion of Latin American Medicine Day.

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49 years ago today, the 'Granma' yacht arrived on the coast of our homeland. Thus today marks the beginning of the 50th year in the life of the Rebel Army and the Revolutionary Armed Forces.As is well known, in the wake of the landing and...


Some of the concepts I will touch upon today have already been discussed and published; some have been developed in the heat of the struggle; others refer to goals we have attained; others are just reflections.

Today, when you have...