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  • A talk with students from Clayton High School in a park near the Cuban Embassy in Washington.
  • Lunch hosted by the acting Secretary of State Christian A. Herter in Statler Hilton Hotel, after which Fidel gave a press conference and said: “I hope that there is better understanding of our situation in the United States.”
  • Interview granted to a local radio station and C.M.Q. Cuban television network.


  • Fidel pays his respects to victims killed in the air attacks airfields in Havana, San Antonio de los Baños and Santiago de Cuba, during a ceremony held at the historic corner of 23 and 12 Streets, the day after the attacks. He declares a national state of alert before the imminent threat of a mercenary invasion.  During his address, he condemns US imperialism and proclaims the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution, characterizing it as “the socialist and democratic Revolution of the humble, with the humble and for the humble.”
  • Following a call on the Cuban people to be prepared to fight and defend the Revolution, Fidel resumes his position at the National General Staff, the so-called Point One, where he receives and analyzes all reports coming in of suspicious activities in Cuba. 
  • Fidel summons students at the National Revolutionary Militia School to fight for the defence of the country. 
  • Fidel personally participates in organizing and overseeing operations to neutralize the mercenary invasion at Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs).  Fidel signs the communiqué announcing victory on April 19.

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The French Communist Party (PCF) on Tuesday described the economic, commercial and financial US blockade against Cuba as inhumane and illegal and favored boosting world solidarity to end it.


The Russian Committee for the lifting of the US blockade against Cuba highlighted Cuban relationship with cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut to reach outer space 60 years ago.

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