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  • Fidel graduates from university as a lawyer with a Doctor of Law degree.


  • Receipt of a $7 750.50 check given by the Congress Insurance Beneficiaries as their contribution to the Agrarian Reform.
  • Signing of a company incorporation agreement, on behalf of INRA, with industrialist Edwin B. Arvey, for the processing of bat organic fertilizer.

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The discredited way in which the European Union suspended its sanctions on Cuba on June 19 has been reported in 16 international press dispatches. It has absolutely no economic effect on our country. On the contrary, the United States'...


In our homeland, the problems described here do not exist: would this be the reason why the empire is trying to make it surrender by starvation and hostility? Half a century has not been enough, and I very much doubt that the empire can wait for...

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The Cassinga massacre was the worst air attack perpetuated against the adherents of SWAPO, the political organization opposing South Africa's domination and occupation of Namibian territory.


On November 18, 1959, Fidel stated "… Given its power, given its triumph since January 1, May Day has become a powerful factor, decisive in the political life of the country, because, with the general strike called with the Rebel Army,

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We are fighting for the most sacred rights of the poor countries; but we are also fighting for the salvation of a First World incapable of preserving the existence of the human species, of governing itself in the midst of contradictions and self-...


Sports have given our country great prestige and the country must compensate those athletes, whether or not they are involved in the best paid sports. All those athletes, who so many times gave proof of their loyalty and selflessness to their...