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  • Fidel inspects the mechanical and foundry workshops of the military industry department, at the former Armoury of the tyranny’s Army.


  • He is visited by the journalist Herbert Matthews and his wife.
  • Upon instructions from the State Department, the Hotel Shelburn management asks the Cuban delegation to leave the premises.
  •  Fidel and his entourage set up camp on the grounds of UN Headquarters  
  •  Prominent Afro-American leaders approach the UN to invite Fidel to the Theresa Hotel in the humble neighbourhood of Harlem in New York City.   
  •  He takes up residence in the Theresa Hotel and receives the Afro-American leader Malcolm X who comes there to express his solidarity.


  • Receiving, at the Presidential Place, a delegation of graduates from the Medical School in Quito, Ecuador, who were on a visit to Cuba.  
  • Participating in the ceremony to award winners of the Contest for Popular Songs inspired by the Revolution, held in the García Lorca Theatre.

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez called on Monday for increased awareness of the magnitude of the disaster in the flame-ridden Amazon and urged action.


The Independence cause of the People of Puerto Rico will be promoted in Havana between September 12th and the 23rd, with the participation of representatives of political parties, social movements and activists from that sister Caribbean island....

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According to this new conception, each comprehensive teacher will teach only 15 youngsters, and will remain with these same students all through grades seven, eight and nine. These teachers will be friends, counselors and guides for all of their...