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  • At the end of a voyage plagued by bad weather and excessive weight, the Granma landed with its 82 expeditionaries at Los Cayuelos, close to Las Coloradas Beach on the south-eastern coast of Cuba, a territory belonging to today’s Granma Province. The revolutionary struggle recommences.


  • A trip around Oriente province.

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Following Obama’s speech, on May 23 this year, to the Cuban American National Foundation established by Ronald Reagan, I wrote a reflection entitled “The Empire’s Hypocritical Policy”. It was dated on the 25th of the same...


At the present, Haiti’s situation is very serious, and the emergency aid required is far too little. Our hectic world invests one million 500 thousand million dollars every year on weapons and wars; Haiti, a country that less than a year...

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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel today recalled the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, on the fifth anniversary of his physical disappearance, and highlighted his validity in the process of transformations of the island.


The Fidel Castro Ruz Center, aimed at the study and dissemination of the thought and work of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, will be inaugurated today, five years after his physical disappearance.

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49 years ago today, the 'Granma' yacht arrived on the coast of our homeland. Thus today marks the beginning of the 50th year in the life of the Rebel Army and the Revolutionary Armed Forces.As is well known, in the wake of the landing and...


Anxiety was running high. First there was the public news of the uprising on November 30, which was supposed to take place after our arrival, not before it. The fact that it happened in reverse was the result of the irrepressible energy of the...