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  • Fidel makes a speech to a peasant group at the Dos Rosas sugar mill in Matanzas.

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I basically drew these data from statements made by William Brownfield, US ambassador to Colombia, from that country’s press and television, from the international press, and other sources. It’s impressive the show of technology and...


The poor peoples of the world, which cannot be blamed for the terrible mess created by imperialism, located as they are in this hemisphere south of the United States, and others in the west, center and south of Africa, as well as others on the...

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A condemnation of the most recent attempts at aggression and false accusations by the US government against the international medical cooperation program was launched in London by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) in the United Kingdom.


The permanent representative of Cuba to UNESCO, Yahima Esquivel, denounced in a forum of the organization the effects of the U.S. blockade on the efforts of the Caribbean nation to confront the COVID-19 pandemic.

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It was the moment for the super powerful nation to examine its conscience, and not to stir up, multiply and capitalize on the ridiculous hatreds accumulated over decades. It should have kept calm, and the rest of the world should have been brave...


We are men and women of ideas and not a community of bigots. In Cuba we have never cultivated hatred against the American people or blamed them for the aggressions perpetrated by the governments of that country. That would have run contrary to...