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  • Other surviving expeditionaries and peasants from the area have joined the guerrilla force, and its first victorious action takes place with the capture of the La Plata Abajo barracks in the heart of the Sierra Maestra.


  • A visitto the city of Guanajay where he gave a speech at “Sociedad Centro Progresista” opposite the city park.
  • Arrival in the city of Artemisa where he gave a speech in front of the welcoming crowd.
  • Arrival in the city of Pinar del Río where he addressed the people gathered at Martí Street. End of the Victory Caravan.

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Sergio and I had the privilege of being at the command post located on the right of the Almendares estuary at dawn of April 15, forty six years ago, when US B-26 bombers with Cuban insignias, piloted by mercenaries, attacked the air bases of...


Bush seemed happy to have Lula sitting to his right during dinner on Friday. On the other hand, Hu Jintao, whom he respects for the enormous market in his country, the capacity to produce consumer goods at low cost and the volume of his reserves...

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The president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, affirmed on Friday that the special education in the Caribbean island is one more proof of the humanistic vocation of the work of the Revolution.


UNESCO, on the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, sent congratulations to Cuba''s permanent delegation to the body, diplomatic sources reported Friday.

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All the nation has received with joy and enthusiasm the news of the constitution of our Central Committee. The names of the comrades which make up this committee as well as their history are well known. If all of them are not known by all our...


"When I had the enormous but pleasant surprise of being met at the José Martí International Airport by Fidel himself, I said to him, "I don’t deserve this honour, I hope that I shall deserve it one day in the months...