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Enmanuel is the name of the child conceived and born in the thick forest occupied by the guerrilla, where his very worthy mother Clara Rojas Gonzalez became a prisoner on February 23, 2002. She had been a candidate to vice-president of Colombia...


Human beings have equipped themselves with nuclear weapons of unconceivable accuracy and annihilating power, while taking a shameful step back from a moral and political point of view.  Socially and politically we are more underdeveloped...

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The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel called on Monday in the central city of Santa Clara to encourage young people in all spheres of society, due to the


Intellectual Abel Prieto defined the national elections to be held on March 26 as a moment of unity in Cuba.

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I must state resolutely and with no hesitation whatsoever, as a revolutionary and a fighter who truly believes that a better world is possible, that in my opinion, the privatization of the wealth and natural resources of a country in exchange for...


The dangerous thing about the FTAA is not the points of view of intellectuals, economists and political thinkers, the dangerous thing about the FTAA is that the ordinary people in the countries of our hemisphere do not have enough information...