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  • Participation in demonstration in support of the revolutionary government at the Presidential Palace where he proclaimed: “If we stand together, our enemies will respect us. Nobody has the right to establish guidelines for Cuba from abroad.”
  • Talk at Colón cemetery in front of the tomb of Eduardo Chibás, an Orthodox Party leader.

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Our medical personnel is ready to cooperate and join forces with all other health specialists who have been sent to save lives in that sister nation.  Haiti could become an example of what humankind can do for itself.  The possibility...


If the millions of tons of soy and corn being invested into bio-fuels are routed towards the production of foods, the unusual rise in prices would cease and the world`s scientists would be able to propose formulae that might in some way or other...

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The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security, Federica Mogherini, said that while some try to isolate Cuba, Europeans are closer than ever to Cubans in their rejection of the U.S. economic blockade against the island....


Next to reaching six decades, the Cuban Revolution accumulates all sorts of aggressions of the U.S. government against it and despite such fierce hostility, today it can proudly show its permanence and thrust forward.

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I think this is a turning point in our history: tyranny has been overthrown. The joy is immense. And yet, much remains to be done. We are not deceived into believing that everything will be easy in the future; Maybe in the future everything will...


You know that our country, like any country where there is justice, distributes its wealth among all the people; in a just country there is no selfishness. But, they take advantage of people who are very poor to make them accept the worst jobs....