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  • Delivering an address at the closing of the National Meeting of Volunteer Councils of the National Institute of Sports and Recreation (INDER), held at the Ciudad Deportiva.

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Last November 15, I referred to a third reflection on the Latin American Summit which, as I then wrote, “I have yet to publish”. It strikes me as timely, however, to do so before the referendum of December 2.


Those who think that division between Venezuelans and Colombians can lead to the success of their counterrevolutionary plans are deceiving themselves. Many of the best and most humble workers in Venezuela are Colombians; the Revolution has given...

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A tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, to marke the first anniversary of his death, is among the priorities in the program of the 17th National Solidarity Meeting with ...


The U.S. government has announced new, major trade and travel restrictions on Americans interested in doing business with or even traveling to Cuba.  

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Incidentally, I might add that in our country we have developed a system to teach reading and writing over the radio. This system is being tested in the Republic of Haiti where it began with 300 people and the results have been spectacular. It is...


On July 1991, when the first Summit was held in Guadalajara, I could not even imagine the further development of such event. I was a strange bird there, an intruder whose admission to that hall had the taste of forgiveness. Cuba had always been...