Forty-one years ago, Cuba hosted the Sixth Summit of Non-Aligned Countries (Noal) and by then Cuban collaborators provided services in 28 countries of that Movement, a practice multiplied today in the face of Covid-19.
In the opening speech of that meeting, President Fidel Castro stressed that his country offered 'solidarity with deeds, not with beautiful words'. Cuban professionals currently work in 28 member countries of the Movement, said the Caribbean president.

| 13/08/2020 |

• Another African child, in this case Algerian, has lost a mother, much too soon. She left without hearing the baby babble the sacred syllable and word; the first words that every human attempts to utter: "Ma, ma; mama."
This unjust and egoistic world, in which power and wealth reign, at the cost of the pain of millions, of orphaned babies and disconsolate mothers, this world left another innocent child without a mother.

Three U.S. Senators, obsessed with starving Cuba, have introduced a bill that seeks to punish countries that accept the island's medical collaboration.
All three, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rick Scott, have a long history of service to the most U.S. hostile policies toward Cuba, and not one of them is interested in how many people our doctors save or help.

The applause, with which Cuban doctors are rewarded every night for their tireless battle against the virus that threatens us today, rang out June 8, two hours earlier, as the 52 members of the Henry Reeve medical brigade, who departed for Lombardy last March 21, set foot on Cuban soil. Their mission would be the first in Europe undertaken by the contingent Fidel founded, allowing Cuba to illuminate the most dreary corners of the world with our health professionals.

| 27/05/2020 |

More than 40 European organizations are backing a proposal to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban medical brigades of the Henry Reeve Contingent, for their contribution to the global battle against COVID-19.
Launched April 28 by the associations Cuba Linda and France Cuba, the initiative has thus far received the support of solidarity groups, political organizations and unions in France, Spain, Ireland and Italy, and thousands of Internet users on the Facebook page “Prix Nobel de la paix pour les brigades médicales cubaines Henry Reeve.”

| 22/04/2020 |

Medical brigades travel to Honduras and Qatar to join colleagues there in the COVID-19 battle.

| 13/04/2020 |

In difficult times like these, while superpowers impose sanctions, Cuba builds bridges and sends medical brigades to support nations that need our help.

| 23/03/2020 |

Cuba’s pride in Interferon Alfa 2b is a natural reaction given the international prestige enjoyed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology which produces the medication.

| 23/03/2020 |

Amidst the battle against Covid-19 on the island, the Cuban government has decided to continue international medical collaboration joining efforts around the world to contain the epidemic.

| 30/03/2020 |

Over the last week, brigades from the Henry Reeve International Medical Contingent have departed every day.