Allende's Daughter Remembers Fidel Castro with Affection

Carmen Paz Allende, the eldest daughter of former Chilean President Salvador Allende, recalled Fidel Castro with great affection and gratitude ''for allowing my son to study medicine in Cuba.''
Discreet and always attached to the low profile, Carmen Paz, as she is known, was at the headquarters of the Cuban Embassy in Chile to pay tribute to the Commander in Chief of the Revolution, a man with an extraordinary human sense.
In dialogue with Prensa Latina, she commented that 'I feel a lot of sadness, I feel great gratitude for the Cuban people; my father and Fidel had a very great friendship, and it was important for us to visit Cuba. '
Carmen Paz Allende praised the initiative of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution to create the Latin American School of Medicine, 'in which a son of mine was able to graduate, something that deserves all my respect and gratitude'.
The president of the Association of Relatives of Political Executives (AFEP), Alicia Lira, told Prensa Latina that visiting the Cuban diplomatic mission in Chile is a duty to ratify solidarity with the Caribbean island.
'We have also come to express our feelings of sadness because our commander left, but he left us so many teachings and a legacy so great that it will be remembered forever,' said Lira.
She said that Fidel Castro endowed the Cuban people with a series of privileges in dignity, respect for human rights, education, health, independence and sovereignty, while reiterating the permanent friendship of Chileans.
Also, the Chilean social development ministers, Marcos Barraza, and that of Women, Claudia Pascual, remembered Fidel Castro with emotion, whom they described as a giant of Latin American history.
In turn, the young parliamentarian women Karol Cariola and Camila Vallejo, stressed that Fidel is an example not only for Cuba but for the whole world, especially for the peoples of Latin America.
We have a responsibility to keep their noble and just ideas alive, they highlighted.


Prensa Latina