Azerbaijan's authorities praise the work of Cuban medical brigade

The president of the Association for the Management of Territorial Medical Units (Tabib), Ramin Bayramli, praised on Tuesday the work of Cuba's medical brigade alongside Azerbaijani healthcare professionals from the capital's Hospital Number 1.
At the meeting, with the presence of Ilham Gafarov, director of the health institution; Cuba's Ambassador Alfredo Nieves Portuondo, and Professor Dalsy Torres Avila, head of the medical brigade in this country, analyzed the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, which is taking place in both nations.
Bayramli referred to the history of this country's healthcare system, including the development of what led to the creation of its first Health University in 1930.
In addition, he highlighted the legacy of the figure of the late first Azeri President Heydar Alyiev in the progress made in this area.
Among Tabib's main goals are to implement mandatory medical insurance and increase the technological level of medical institutions in accordance with international standards, he explained.
Besides, he thanked the Cuban government, people and healthcare system for the aid provided by Cuba's medical brigade that has been on mission in Azerbaijan for a month.


Prensa Latina