Beneficiaries of Chernobyl program honor Fidel Castro

During a meeting at the Cuban Embassy in Ukraine, children and relatives who benefited from the Chernobyl treatment program in Cuba paid tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, diplomatic sources reported on Monday.
Cuban Ambassador to Ukraine Natacha Diaz Aguilera noted the presence at the event of those who, in many cases, came from other cities to express their gratitude to the Cuban physicians, people and Fidel for their dedication and efforts to care for more than 23,000 Ukrainian children.
The video clip of the song 'Cabalgando con Fidel' (Riding with Fidel), captioned in Russian, was screened at the event, as well as the documentary 'Chernobil en Nosotros' (Chernobyl in us), by journalist Deysi Gomez.
Participants noted the professionalism and humanism of the Cuban doctors who, as a mother said, not only treated our children physically, but also gave them the moral support to deal with their ailments and become good men and women.
They recalled their experiences at the Tarara healthcare center in statements to Cuban documentary maker and photographer Roberto Chile, who is in Ukraine with a group of journalists.
Many of them talked about their impressions and anecdotes on Fidel's visits to Tarara and his interest in every detail of the children's lives.


Prensa Latina