Book on Fidel Castro Presented in Mexico

The book Fidel: El hombre que se atrevió a vencer (Fidel: The Man Who Dared to Win), by the Mexican writer Pablo Moctezuma, was reportedly presented today at Azcapotzalco International Book Fair, the city''s delegation.
Moctezuma said that he wrote the text for the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the birth of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.
The deputy chief of Azcapotzalco said that Fidel Castro managed to overcome powerful interests, including US governments and international financial organizations.
'But it was not a personal action, but a collective one; the organization of the revolutionaries and the people and their unity is what explains victory,' he said.
He said that the Cuban revolutionary triumphed 'because he developed the people's potential and unity, he awakened their love for justice, democracy, and freedom.'


Prensa Latina