CARICOM urged to continue supporting Cuban Medical Assistance

The Humanistic Solidarity Association Saint Lucia-Cuba (HAS) expressed alarm Monday on Washington's effort to criminalize Cuba's medical assistance to the Caribbean.
On a press release carried by the St. Lucia Times, the association added its voice to the numerous calls by the international community, in condemnation of the egregious and criminal actions by the Trump administration, to further undermine the achievements of the Cuban Revolution in the vital arena of free medical assistance to numerous needy countries and their millions of disadvantaged citizens.
The HAS said it was appalled by the US administration's efforts to associate Cuba's medical assistance to the Caribbean by linking the thousands of Cuban medical personnel in the Caribbean and Latin American countries with "human trafficking."  
The association condemned the latest effort by three US Republican Senators in this regard, as they seek to coerce sovereign governments to align themselves with what they described as "their unrelenting, reactionary and archaic anti-Cuba shenanigans, in flagrant violation of the principles of the UN Charter on the sovereignty and dignity of States.
The Humanistic Solidarity Association concluded its release by calling on CARICOM Governments to continue to stand in defense and support of Cuba's health sector assistance to the Caribbean, as these sovereign Caribbean governments have done at every CARICOM Summit, in appreciation of the priceless Cuban contribution to the lives and well-being of the people of the region.


Radio Habana Cuba