Congress of Advocacy blasts US blockade on Cuba and analyzes social issues

The penitentiary system, judicial tutelage and the adoption of minors in Cuba will be discussed during the second day of the 8th International Congress of Abogacia 2019, after criticizing in its inauguration the cruel blockade of the United States against the Caribbean nation.
Other issues will include parental authority, contractual dilemmas arising from the economic regime of marriage, family law, justification, and responsibility, among others.
In the opening session, attorney Rodolfo Davalos said that the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act by the United States is part of a legal war that reinforces the economic blockade against the Caribbean island.
The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed is also 'a war, in the garb of law,' said Davalos.
“The United States is not concerned with justice as an objective, but rather with causing harm to those who it considers enemies, using the mass media to manipulate public opinion,“ explained Dávalos.


Radio Habana Cuba