Cost Ricans demand end to US blockade against Cuba

The Costa Rican Cuba Solidarity Committee (CCSC) on Monday demanded an end to the economic, financial and commercial blockade that the United States has imposed on Cuba for nearly six decades, and has further tightened over the past few years.
In a manifesto, published on social networks, the CCSC members charged that these new restrictive measures by the government of US President Donald Trump have even prevented the arrival of medical supplies in Cuba to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, at a time when international cooperation must prevail.
'Sixty years of sabotages, assassinations and military invasions against Cuba have not been enough for the US governments. Today, the Trump administration, with a sterile, rigged and escalated strategy of aggressions, is trying to overcome the Cuban people,' the communiqué from the Costa Rican solidarity group said.
It added that 'Mr. Trump in his arrogance, intolerance and racist and xenophobic disdain thinks that the rest of the world has its eyes shut and is incapable of seeing, thinking and analyzing his terrorist actions.'
It pointed out that on his (Trump's) narcissist mind, he thinks that the rest of the countries do not know how the Cuban people offer their unconditional solidarity to the world, despite their economic limitations, caused by the ignominious blockade.
The US Government blackmails companies from which Cuba purchased medical equipment and supplies, and lies when Assistant Undersecretary of State Michael Kozak says that his government has already exported millions of dollars in medical products to Cuba, without proving it.
And while that happens, the CCSC noted, the Cuban people express again their solidarity by sending 21 medical brigades so far, totaling 1,199 members, who have joined more than 28,000 health collaborators in 59 nations, in five continents, specifically to save lives due to Covid-19.


Prensa Latina