Cuba to assess joining French project of children’s friendship

A Cuban delegation from the educational sector will discuss in Paris next week details of the island's participation in a project that promotes friendship from childhood, the French People's Relief stated on Thursday.
Olga Alvarez, in charge of international initiatives of the non-governmental organization, told Prensa Latina that Nuris Concepción, director of the “Ernesto Che Guevara” Central Pioneers’ Palace, and Yainelis Sanchez, a specialist at the Ministry of Education, will attend the event from February 5 to 11.
For three decades, the French People’s Relief has been developing the People’s Friends of the World movement, to which we attach great importance due to its objective of introducing feelings of solidarity in children from different regions of the country and globally, to carry out concrete actions, she said. Participants attend meetings and learn about peace and coexistence through cultural, sports, and pedagogical activities and are motivated to practice them when they return to their communities.
According to Álvarez, the French entity, the Havana Pioneers’ Palace, and the Cuban Ministry of Education drew up a project to improve the conditions and capacity of that facility to welcome foreign visitors within the framework of the Peoples’ Friends of the World initiative.


Prensa Latina