Cuba Celebrates Fidel's 92nd birthday with New Democratic Exercise

The celebrations of Fidel Castro's 92nd birthday (1926-2016), acquire greater significance today with the beginning of popular consultation on the Constitution project, in which his political legacy is in force .
According to the youngster Nadia Hernández, there is no better tribute to the historical leader of the Revolution than this exercise, since it entrenches the democratic character of the social and humanist project that the country defends since January 1, 1959 when Fidel and his companions definitively defeated the dictator Fulgencio Batista and delivered the power to the people.
Since then, he stated, with that 'young bearded guerrilla' at the front, he achieved achievements in all sectors of society, despite obstacles from the United States such as the economic, commercial and financial blockade that he has maintained for more than half a century and the biological aggressions, the plans of assassinations to their leaders, the multiple sabotages and terrorist actions, even an unsuccessful military invasion.
Even with these attacks, the island achieved, thanks to the process of social transformation led by Fidel, praiseworthy results in health, education, sports, science, biotechnology, and in other spheres, which placed the low-economic income Caribbean country in one of the top places internationally in terms of the development of these sectors,
he affirmed.
Maricel Herrera told Prensa Latina that they showed us the possibility of developing and living in a dignified way, with independence and sovereignty; in addition, the figure of Fidel was erected as the great and courageous statesman by installing, in a short distance from United States, an alternative project to capitalism weighted by the northern country.
Likewise, he said, the historical leader of the island is considered a world-class man and for all time, for his ideas related to the internationalization of knowledge, the importance of culture in human development, the defense of the unity of all the peoples of the world and of reciprocal collaboration between countries.
He is well known for his concepts in favor of sustainable and equitable development, the protection of the planet, and his solidarity with just and noble causes, he argued.
Such precepts of Fidel along with the anti-imperialist, internationalist and anti-capitalist principles are banners of the Revolution and we are called to preserve and strengthen them for the good of the future of the country and our children, he added.
With his spiritual attachment to the ideology of the National Hero José Martí, Fidel showed in that concept the importance of ideas and hard and consistent work to move forward in the fulfillment of duty despite the obstacles of the system's enemies.


Prensa Latina