Cuba denounces US violations as the UN host country

Members of the Cuban mission to the United Nations face several violations by the United States as the host country of the multilateral organization. These obstacles hinder their daily work.
The island's deputy permanent representative to the UN, Yuri Gala, denounced this situation during his appearance before the Committee on Relations with the Host Country.
According to the ambassador, the United States applies the Host Country Agreement selectively and arbitrarily and abuses that condition in clear violation of the principle of sovereign equality, endorsed in the United Nations Charter.
The UN cannot be an accomplice to this repeated non-compliance, to the detriment of the Charter, the Headquarters Agreement, the Convention on Privileges and Immunities of 1975, and other international instruments said Gala.
Cuban diplomats accredited to the United Nations and their families have been submitted arbitrarily to a restriction of movements. This constitutes an obstacle to the proper performance of their duties.
On the other hand, the ambassador rejected the discriminatory treatment in granting visas by the Host Country concerning some UN Member States.
This is a violation that not only hinders the work of the organization but also makes it impossible for delegations to exercise their functions under equal conditions, the Cuban diplomat stressed.
Recently, the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) also pronounced itself on an issue related to the delay on the part of the United States in the delivery of visas to two Cuban correspondents accredited to the multilateral organization.
The UNCA considered inexplicable the delay in the delivery of visas to two Prensa Latina journalists -based in Havana- accredited to the UN: Ibis Frade and Ernesto Redonet.
On repeated occasions, countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and others have denounced that the United States usually fails to comply with its obligations as the host country of the multilateral organization.
In this regard, they point out that the North American nation cannot continue to use this status with impunity to selectively and arbitrarily apply the Host Country Agreement according to its political agenda.


Rasio Habana Cuba