Cuba Doctors Have Assisted 29 Million Hondurans Since 1998

The Cuban medical brigade in Honduras has assisted over 29 million citizens particularly in rural and remote areas since the doctors arrived in the Central American nation in 1998 to help the victims of Hurricane Mitch.
Local media reports cited brigade coordinator, Orlando Alvarez as saying that the doctors are offering their services to all Hondurans needing medical assistance.
Alvarez recalled that the doctors arrived in Honduras 17 years ago to offer assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch, but later the two governments signed a protocol to maintain the medical services for a longer time in different regions with scarce medical support.
Since that time, the services included over 775,000 surgeries and saved nearly 300,000 lives. Also included are lab and radiography services.
In addition, some 1,345 Honduran doctors have graduated from the Havana-based Latin American School of Medicine.


Radio Habana Cuba